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Similar to day one but with more fish and better dive sites.

6:30am: Wake up call and a light breakfast.

7:00am: Dive briefing and then first dive for 45 minutes

8:00: Hot breakfast.

9:15: We jumped in the water to snorkel with two big turtles that were swimming around the boat eating food the crew were throwing at them. The turtles were coming right up to our faces and weren't shy at all. Once we noticed that the boat to bring us to the island was leaving, it was a mad scramble out of the water and I hit my knee into one of the turtle's shell by accident. The turtle definitely won the fight and I have the bruise to prove it.

The dingy brought us to the island that had even softer sand than the one the day before and a short hike up to a sweet look out spot and then the mandatory general laying around.

11:00: Dive #2 briefing and dive for 50 minutes

12:30: Lunch of stir fried mixed vegetables and shrimp and a hot chicken thai curry with rice. When I say hot chicken thai curry, I mean, burn your lips off hot. I'm getting used to it :)

Until 3:00pm: Lounging on the sun deck / napping.

3:00pm: Dive briefing #3 and dive of __minutes.

Until 7pm: Snack of tuna fish sandwiches (boy, did they hit the spot) and more lounging / napping

7:00pm: Night Dive briefing and night dive. On this dive we saw a cuttle fish and a decorator hermit crab. It's like a normal crab you would eat at a restaurant but it covers itself with pieces of coral. It was the funniest thing crawling around. I also saw a sleeping parrotfish (it covers itself with an aura type cocoon to mask it's scent from predetors) and lots of sleeping fish nestled in the cracks of the reef.

8:30pm: Dinner and mandatory beer (Leo Beer 5%)

10:00pm: Bed time
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Similan Island
photo by: aotw