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For being early in the season, I was suprised to find out that the boat would be full. Althogether, there are more than 30 people on the boat.

8 Dive Crew from Malaysia, Mexico, Sweden, England

3 Thai ladies that cook all our fabulous food

4 Thai boat crew that were especially helpful getting us out of the water after the dives and back on the boat

20 Divers from Ireland, England, Scotland, Canada, Germany, Sweden (and maybe anotehr Baltic country, I had no idea what language some people were speaking), Holland, Italy, and the United States.

It didn't take long to get used to the demanding schedule of a Similian Islands Liveaboard. There's a lot of diving, a lot of eating and a lot of sleeping napping.

6:30am: We were woken up by the sound of one of the crew crowing like a rooster and then a light toast breakfast.

7:00am: Dive briefing and then first dive for 45 minutes at . This was used as a "check dive" so the divemasters could see how quickly we use air and general diving abilities.

8:00: Breakfast which was cooked to order with a choice of fried, boiled or scrambled eggs, sausage, ham, pancakes, french toast (but no maple syrup).

9:15: small boat to an island for super soft white sand beach, swimming and general laying around.

11:00: Dive #2 briefing and dive for 50 minutes at .

12:30: Lunch of stir fried mixed vegetables and either chicken and/or shrimp and a hot chicken thai curry and rice.

Until 3:00pm: Lounging on the sun deck.

3:00pm: Dive briefing #3 and dive of __minutes. During this dive I had tiny shrimp crawling on my hand on one of the reefs, which was cool.

Until 7pm: Snack off french fries and deep fried bananas and more lounging / napping.

7:00pm: Night Dive briefing and night dive

8:30pm: Dinner and mandatory beer (Chang Beer 6.5%).

10:00pm: Bed time

Highlights of dive day #1 were the stopover on the beach and my first ever night dive. I found the night dive quite different from the day dives, with the obvious difference the use of flash lights to see instead of natural light, but also there are less fish swimming around (because a lot of them are sleeping), with some fish preferring to move more at night like moray eels. We didn't see a lot on this dive, but it was funny to see a couple box / puffer fish sleeping on the bottom with their eyes closed and using a flash light to get around the dive site.
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Similan Island
photo by: aotw