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One of the main reasons for visiting Chiang Mai was to do a Thai cooking class. I ended up taking a class with the Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School. Their office is located about a 5 minute walk from my hostel, but the cooking school is located in what seems like the country.

After picking our cooking stations for the day, the first activity was learning how to carve vegetables. We made a tomato rose and a tomato cup (to use later for plum dipping sauce) and leaves made of carrots.

The cooking part of the day consisted of watching a cooking demonstration for the dish, trying to duplicate what they just show you at your work station, then eating whatever you managed to cook. It was all pretty easy except for the duck curry, which was demonstrated by Mr. Sompon, the founder of the cooking class.
Watching him was very impressive, as he was such a natural at everything. When he was dicing up oions without looking, someone asked if he'd every cut a finger and he told us he'd lost two this year alone, but they both grew back :)

By the end of the day, I had managed to cook (or at least attempt):

-clear soup with minced pork
-spring rolls
-red curry with roast duck
-chicken with ginger
-chicken in pandanus leaves
-mango with sticky rice

The mango with sticky rice was a highlight of the day, although after eating all that food, I doubt I'll be hungry for awhile!

In the evening, me and the three girls from my room went to the Sunday Night Street Market. It's supposed to be the best market in the city and it definitely lived up to its reputation. There were sooooo many people and (I'm only guessing) about the equivalent of 2km of stalls. Unlike other markets I've been to, there's not a lot of duplicates. In saying that, there are, but I found that if I liked something and didn't get it then, I had a difficult time finding it later on. There was also a stage set up in a park on one of the streets with dancing.

I had a great time walking around, except for the constant crowds EVERYWHERE!! I managed to get some Christmas shopping done, but I'm not quite sure how it's all going to fit in my backpack. Also I managed to fit in a foot massage and then later a upper body massage. Shopping is exhausting but the massages help :)
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The instructors is on the left, m…
The instructor's is on the left, …
Sunday Night Street Market
Sunday Night Street Market
Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes