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Originally my plan was to be away from Perth until the end of January, then convinced my boyfriend Dave to fly to Thailand on the 27th so we could celebrate his 28th birthday at the full moon party on the 30th. Shortly after he had agreed to meet up with me, I had begun to realize that being away for 2.5 months was going to be a really long time and by about now, I'd be more than ready to see him.

So the day he booked his flights to Thailand, I secretly booked the same flights, knowing I'd be back at the beginning of January and we'd do the trip from Perth together.

Yesterday I arrived in Perth and with the help of my friends Melissa and Georgia who picked me up at the airport, I was dropped off at Dave's house (my new home) around 7pm. When I arrived at his house, I was surprised and relieved that his car was there, meaning he'd be home since I had no way of ensuring he'd actually be there. I went to the door, knocked and he didn't answer. I took a peak around the back and found him digging in the sand, covered in dirt. I had been a bit self conscious, showing up in the clothes I'd worn all day, slightly smelly from sweating profusely while moving out of the hotel in Ubud in the morning. So luckily he was way more dirty than I was.

When I saw him, I said "hey" and he turned around, saw me, and with a blank look on his face asked me what I was doing there. In short, he was utterly surprised and had no clue that he was going to see me before January 27th at the Bangkok airport. Of course he was just as happy to see me as I was to see him, and for both of us the initial shock took a bit of time to go away.

I was very pleased with my huge surprise (and the fact that he didn't have another girl over at his house) and super excited to see him after 57 days!
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photo by: cimtech