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After several days of increasingly unhappy intestines, I decided it was time to go see a doctor. My guidebook recommended a couple places to go and I picked the one closest to my guesthouse. I ended up going to the Tropical & Travellers Medical Clinic, which is run by a British doctor. The consultation fee was US$50 and I had exactly US$48 on me. Feeling sick, hot and tired and trying to find an ATM in this city is extremely frustrating. Especially when the first two won't accept your card. On the third try I got some money out, ironically at the Canadia Bank. During my attempts to get some cash I somehow managed to lose my guidebook, so now I'm guidebook-less :(

The consultation and the recommended blood test (to be able to pick the right antibiotics) cost US$100. Add on US$10 for the pills and this cost me US$110 so far. Unfortunately the deductible for my travel insurance is $125 :(

The day before I hand handed over my passport to a man at a travel agency who told me for US$40 he could get me a visa for Vietnam in 24 hours. It felt a bit dodgy, especially after he told me he could get it done regardless of the Chinese New Year because he went to high school .. no college, with a guy at the embassy. I was in no mood to argue, handed him my passport and the cash.

Today I was planning on doing the typical sightseeing tour of Phnom Penh, being the genocide museum, the killing fields, national museum and the royal palace. Thanks to my infection, the day was spent at my guesthouse. I had spoken to a woman at a cafe earlier in the day who told me that the genocide museum (which was once a high school turned into a torture and interrogation building / jail) was incredibly disturbing and difficult to visit. Also, she told me about her visit to the killing fields including the tree the Khmer Rouge used to bash babies against to kill them. Hearing all of this convinced me it was a good idea that I wasn't going to visit. I was having enough time not throwing up, so I doubt I would have been any good visiting those sites. While I believe it's important that they are available to the public, I thought it was best to rest, and pay my respects without a visit to the sites.
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Phnom Penh
photo by: terminalfunk