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The problem with arriving in a town without accommodation is that although you have the freedom of going where ever you want (as long as they're not booked up), you never know what you're going to end up with. After arriving at the train station, and declining an offer from a man for a cheap room near the train station, I took the "ferry" across the river (3 baht) which took about 1 minute and found my way to the tourist accommodation on the "island".

I ended up getting a room with two twin beds for 180 baht at the Ayutthaya Guest House. My rookie mistake is that I didn't try out the bed first and didn't realize that the hotel didn't provide linen. I ran into the crazy couple I shared a taxi with in Sukhothai and apparently I took the room they originally wanted (but didn't take right away in case they found something better).
Since they wanted a room with two beds and the next cheapest room they found was over 400 baht, and well at this point I didn't want to stay there anyway, they were going to buy my room from me. This was an hour or so after I arrived in town and after looking around, the next cheapest room was over 300 baht. I decided to keep the room.

When I say most uncomfortable bed ever, I mean EVER! The bed sank in towards the middle and you could feel every single spring on the mattress. So no matter how you laid, something was jarring into you. Having no bed sheets didn't help either, and I ended up using my jacket as a partial blanket (my tiny towel was wet anyway). Add in a pack of dogs barking all night, and you can imagine how well I slept! I was happy for my 6:45am wake up alarm just to reduce the amount of hurt I'd be feeling in my back today! (my massage 9 hours later helped immensely).

Besides the shit room, the city itself is quite nice. I walked to the ruins which had to be a couple kilometres away from the "tourist guetto". I saw Wat Khun San, Wat Phra Ram and Wat Phra Sri Sanphet and the Grand Palace and a few others that I could see in the distance. In the area, which includes some of the wats, is a big park with a small lake. I thought it was an excellent place to go for a run and then came across a handful of Thai people running (the first I've seen since I've been in Thailand).

The "Tourist Ghetto" has got to be the most convenient area in a city I've come across so far. All the accommodation is within about 150 meters and so are the restaurants. While going for a roam around in the evening, I came across and area a couple blocks away that had a group of Western type restaurants including KFC, Dairy Queen (they were closed :( ) and a few other names I hadn't recognized. It's crazy how expensive western food is compared to eating at a local restaurant. The other day I treated myself to a pizza (in Phitsanulok because I couldn't find a restaurant with an English menu) and a small pizza cost 295 baht. That amount would normally feed me for a couple days.
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One of the cheapest, but a very uncomfortable bed!
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