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The ferry terminal in Krabi was much bigger than I expected and was very clean and nice looking. Anton remarked how orderly and professional the whole operation seemed to be. The ferry we were going on is supposed to stop at Koh Jum and then to Koh Lanta. They boarded all the Koh Lanta passengers first and then asked us to get on. Just when we thought we were leaving, they told all the Koh Jum passengers to get off and over to another boat.  So maybe not quite as professional and smooth as we first expected.

After that minor debacle, we were off on the one hour sail to Koh Jum. When we were close to the island, we approached a few longtail boats, which were there to transfer passengers to their resorts. Our boat looked rather rickety and although it looked like it was going to sink, we arrived at our accommodation safe and dry.

The "resort" itself is very basic, but rustic and homey and was exactly what we were looking for. The beach had about five people on it, with the rest of the guest lounging at the beach side "restaurant", mostly laying around. This is definitely the kind of place you come to if you want utter relaxation. As I'm writing this, I can hear waves gently crashing onto the beach and a view of the ocean.

The accommodation consists of roughly 10 stilted huts with a couple concrete miniature houses on the fringes. Our accommodation for tonight is one of the concrete "houses" that we were told by a guest that has been here for 11 days, is the staff accommodation. It definitely isn't as nice as the neighbouring bungalows, but it'll do for A$5 each a night as it was the only one available. We were told that we are getting a better spot tomorrow for 500 baht (less than A$30 for both of us). All the bungalows have hammocks "standard" on their verandas, so we're definitely having some bungalow envy.

After exploring the "house" a bit more thoroughly, it is even more "rustic" than first expected. The main light doesn't work so we have to use the light from the bathroom and outside. The shower is hand held and consists of a very cold trickle of water, so I definitely wasn't going to attempt to wash my hair. Also, the bathroom door doesn't shut. I couldn't figure out how to flush the toilet, but discovered you fill up the hand bucket with water and dump it into the toilet and it "flushes".

Although not five star standard, the room will do and we're really here for the location. It almost feels like you're camping but there's a restaurant serving amazing food and the beer's cold. It doesn't hurt that the eating area is five feet from the beach and we saw the most amazing sunset tonight. And all this for a whopping A$5 per night.

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Koh Lanta
photo by: Mezmerized