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The night before, I checked the departure times from the Calgary airport website to see how on time Air Canada's flights were. It looked like most flights were delayed a half hour to an hour and a half. There are flights every hour from Calgary to Vancouver and I had booked the latest one possible that would still let me make the connecting flight, giving me and hour and 15 minutes to walk to the next gate, forgetting I was dealing with flying in Canada in the winter. In the morning, the 10:15am flight was showing it would be delayed until 11:05, but at check-in when I could have switched to that flight, my flight was still showing it was going to be on time. We continued to think we were leaving on time until 11 when they said we'd be 15 minutes late but everyone would make their connecting flight.

An hour later we actually leave the gate, have to get de-iced and then land in Vancouver at 1, the same time as my flight to Hong Kong. They were announcing gates for connecting flights and told us they were holding the plane for Hong Kong for us. I was so relieved because I had spent the hour long flight thinking I was going to spend the night in Vancouver.

This delayed the Hong Kong flight by an hour, but I was able to get to the gate with about a half hour to spare. Air Canada ended up pulling through, but the lack of information and the last minute notification we'd be leaving late, and then end up leaving even later, is a bit frustrating. A lesson was learned from this experience. I had planned on getting something to eat while waiting for my flight from Vancouver but ended up having no time. Next time I will remember who I'm flying with and be prepared just in case!
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photo by: Vikram