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I was a little uncertain whether I should be getting on a bus when I was feeling as unwell as I was, but I figured I should go and get the trip over with. Especially after the guesthouse owner that booked it for me told me there was a toilet on board in case of spontaneous vomiting (there wasn't).

Feeling slightly like death, I was on a bus to Phnom Penh by 8:30am. The bus had a handful of foreigners and mostly locals. I ended up being seated with a young mother and her baby. The baby was so cute, but soon was not happy being on the bus. I wasn't too happy either being sick and on an "air-conditioned" bus so I understood the reasoning behind the cries. I had brought along a long sleeved shirt in case it was too cold, but that was definitely not a problem.

Every time the baby would cry, the mother would pull her shirt down and try to breast feed the baby. Several times I'd glance over and see boob. It's funny how in North America, women fight to be able to breast feed in public, whereas here, no one looks twice. Of course there's nothing wrong with it, but it still caught me a little of guard!

During the 6 hour bus ride, I gave the mom my bottle of water to give to the baby because she was sweating profusely, as well as a wooden bracelet I bought the day before, that the baby quickly chose to use as a pacifier.

Several hours later, we finally arrived in Phnom Penh. I had no idea where they dropped us off but knew I wanted to stay somewhere near the river where a lot of the hotels and restaurants are located. The first guesthouse I came across was Riverside Guesthouse, which I had confused with Riverview Guesthouse that was recommended by Lonely Planet. After I had paid I realized my room had a view of the inside of the booking agency below and had no sink in the very tiny bathroom (it was about 3 feet by 2 feet) with no door to the bathroom to keep water from getting into the bedroom. At least it had a (albiet very very small) tv (with Olympic coverage) so I could lay in the air conditioned comfort with something to keep me occupied.

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