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The last year has come and gone very quickly, and with it went my 365 day employment contract and working visa allowing me to remain in Australia. With about three months remaining of my time in Oz, my Canadian boss asked me a very important question: "Are you still planning on coming back to Canada?", aka "Are you coming back to your job we've saved for you?". On the surface, it seems like a very easy question to answer. When I left Canada nine months prior, I packed up my things, put them into storage ready for me when I returned. Friends and family joked that I would me a "hunky, Australian man" and never go back. "Ha ha ha haha Ha!" I would jokingly reply, thinking on the inside that I wouldn't be completely opposed to the idea, but what are the chances.

Well, apparently the chances were pretty darn good.

An easy decision to return to life as normal in Calgary, Alberta, where my friends are and where people speak English (not Australian), where you can always get ketchup for your french fries and where people understand (ice) hockey, turned into a rather complicated one. In contemplating my decision, there were many factors to consider:

1. Returning to Australia and it's beautiful warm and sunny weather wouldn't be a BAD thing
2. Canada is SO COLD in November, which is when I was due to return
3. My employment obligations would be coming to an end in Perth, leaving me open to spend some time continuing to travel
4. My hunky Australian man would be there when I return from a well earned trip back to Canada
5. What do I have to lose? Well besides being gainfully employed and earning a living
6. And the obvious "why the heck not?!"

So with that, I resigned from my job in Canada and decided to take on the life of an unemployed nomad. Before starting my new adventure, here is some pertinent background information about how this all came to be.

My former employer gave me the fantastic opportunity to live and work abroad for a year with their affiliated office in Perth, Australia. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the "economic downturn" would soon turn into the GFC (Global Financial Crisis, or for those in Australia, additionally meaning the Global Flavour Crisis). After a near cancellation of my secondment before I even left Canada, I was granted permission by both my employer and the country of Australia, to "Live Down Under" and promptly return obtain the end of my contract. With thoughts of kangaroos roaming the streets, cuddly koala bears, and tanned, buff, blond haired surfers as far as the eye can see, I boarded a plane to Australia.

Although the GFC has brought with it loss of jobs, people unable to pay mortgages and blah, blah, blah, etc., I can selfishly say that in many ways it has worked out well for me and the timing couldn't have been much better. Working in the professional services industry, more specifically, transaction advisory, work was a bit slow, as frozen debt markets tend to have an adverse effect on commercial transactions. So while not good for the primary reason for me being in Australia (work experience), it was very good for my other raison d'etre (travelling). As work for the foreseeable future was expected to be slow, and to keep as many jobs as possible, we were told to take 3 weeks off at Christmas. I chose to take advantage of the forced vacation time and spent it travelling down the east coast, from Cairns to Melbourne (including the fantabulous Great Ocean Road). A couple months later, this hiatus was followed by a request from the bosses that we take a week of unpaid leave, which I used as an opportunity to travel from Perth to Exmouth, taking in everything in between as well as an indescribable snorkel expedition with whale sharks. Upon returning to work the following week, I was told that during my holiday, we were asked to take an additional week of unpaid leave. This time I decided to head farther north and took in 10 days in Malaysian Borneo, including a five day diving trip off of Sabah. After my year of exploring, I was told I had seen more of Australia than the majority of Australians.

What has this last year taught me? Travelling is fun and I should spend more of my time doing it. Ok well maybe I've learned other invaluable lessons, but this is the one I'm focusing on now.

So what now? I'm en route to Thailand for some diving, beach hopping and then to Northern Thailand to explore that area. After almost three weeks, I'm airplane bound to the west and east coasts of Canada. After a month in my native (and frozen) land, I'll be returning to Asia and then back to Perth, Australia, where the plan is to find a company who will hire me. This blog will be an account of my time as an unemployed nomad. Wish me luck!!
babyaly1 says:
That was 10 books, not 1 lol
Posted on: Jun 15, 2010
babyaly1 says:
Congratulations ! THis sounds so amazing, I have been readign quite a few stories like this. On my desk at the moment I have 1 books all with titles like, working abroad, get a job internationally, etc... etc.. I can't wait but I want to just pick up and go and figure it out when I get there.
Posted on: Jun 15, 2010
alyssa_ob says:
You are very brave. But it sounds very exciting. Good luck and congrats on the feature!
Posted on: Jun 07, 2010
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