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So, I got a little confused... Is it still called "winter" in Australia during December or is it called "summer" cause its hot? I had to ask one of my best friends who's mom is Australian, and she said it is "summer" there.  Luckily living in San Diego, all I have is summer clothes... packing for winter in summer would have been way more difficult. 

I figured since I sent email updates through my backpacking trip through Europe that I would do the same with the next few trips I'm planning starting with Australia. A lot has changed in the last five years, including the whole blogging revolution so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon, albeit a little late, and do the travel blog thing instead of the emails so everyone can see what I'm up to and so my family can make sure I'm still alive.

About six months ago I convinced my boss that I really needed to go to an international conference, since it was extremely unfair that I hadn't gotten to publish anything or go anywhere in five years of enslavement as a graduate student. Little did he know that I had already researched a conference in Australia. I also convinced him that I shouldn't go alone and Peter and Mike (my co-workers and friends) should get to go with me. So to make a very long story short... Mike graduated and started a new job and Peter and I both got papers accepted at the conference. We are flying into Adelaide, where the conference is at, and then I'm heading to Sydney for a week and Peter is going to Melbourne where he has family. I figure a 15 minute presentation in front of a large crowd is totally worth a free trip to Australia.

Here goes nothing... hopefully I'll have a lot of good stories and pictures to upload. And, hopefully some of the pictures will actually have me in them since I'll be by myself a lot of the time.

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