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I found one thing in common between the US visa and the yellow fever vaccination! Normally, they are both valid for 10 years!


I have been advised by the authorities that if I am traveling to the capital (Distrito Federal) then I better get that yellow fever vaccination done.


I know all Brazilians love their meat and I doubt if a Brazilian mosquito would really be interested in vegetarian blood. I discussed this with smart Suzi, my buddy in Brasilia, and she claimed that her scientific research shows that they are indeed interested in vegetarian blood from India! I told her these must only be a handful of those figure-conscious mosquitos who might go crazy about low cholesterol vegetarian blood!!  


Talking of blood maybe I should get a second opinion from my vampire friend who has for years been masquerading as a London resident hailing from Romania. Hey Gianina…. do vampires communicate with mosquitos? I bet you guys must be having a social networking site probably located at www.bloodbath.bite


I would generally avoid flying an airline whose name starts with ‘con’ but had no choice this time. Continental airlines convinced me that the US is truly and deeply in recession. Despite a layover of over 17 hrs they refused to provide any accommodation and I am left to fend for myself! To add insult to injury the hotels in and around the airport (Newark Int’l) have check-in /check-out times which does me in. After a grueling 14 hr flight from Mumbai I land at 5.30 a.m. and then leave on a 10hr flight to Sao Paulo which doesn’t take off until 10.30 p.m. Ergo, if I want to catch up on sleep I need to book two hotel nights. Paying over $200 dollars for a few hours of sleep seems such a waste. It’s not the money, its just that I’d rather spend it on lunch with friends than give it to an already rich hotel! I have known most progressive airport hotels to have a 24 hr check in / check-out policy.


Looks like another case of what cannot be cured must be endured :(


This weekend was fun and the credit goes to Dr Google and whoever invented smileys. My first voice chat with Suzi via Gtalk was hilarious. What happens when broken English meets broken Spanish? This could easily be the title of a funny book! Considering the language barrier we did well using Google translator and smileys! Way to go Suzi…I better polish my Spanish before I come or else we’ll end up sitting across the table and texting rather than talking!


I heard on the telly that there was a major blackout in Brazil during the past few days and I thought to myself…what an affectionate bunch of people. They seem to be going out of their way to make me feel at home!


This week the Indian Santa Claus also finished his shopping and loads of gifts are waiting to be delivered soon across the continent.  The strong Indian rupee has helped me get a few more dollars and I hope things stay this way at least until I get back!


Amelia celebrates her birthday tomorrow and here’s wishing her a great day and wonderful year ahead. We will celebrate it again when I come there… shall we?


I’ve hooked up with some more TBs in Peru and Lima should be fun after the retro excitement in Machu Picchu.


In 1500 a squadron of Portuguese ships bound for the Indian Ocean under Pedro Alvares Cabral steered far to the west in the Atlantic and bumped into Brazil. I am going there after 509 years and I wonder who I might bump into. Wish me luck:)



Next post will hopefully be with pictures from Brazil…until then !!


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