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A meeting of great minds...or Ejjits!! haahaahaaa

With no breakfast we set off back to Daklha at about 9am, fuelled up and left.  I was keeping an eye out for other bikers heading south and decided to stop them if I saw any to see if they would be joining our club.  Spoke to a bunch of cyclist but they all had VISAs, no worries. 

About 80km from Daklha while lost in my thoughts as you do on these long straight stretches of road I blew my very loud air horn to a single cyclist riding south and gave them a big wave.  Having done a couple of cycling trips in Europe in my younger crazy days I knew what a friendly gesture meant to them on these lonely hard won roads.  Then I remembered the VISA so stopped Nigel and I head back the road to speak with him.  We had the same first names, smelled a bit and both had beards.  Rob was a young English lunatic who was cycling to south Africa raising money for charity from the UK and had swam the straights of Gibraltar to Morocco!  He had his VISA.  We spoke enthusiastically asking each other questions and would have liked m ore time to speak but time was ticking by, Nigel rode back wandering what was taking so long.  He took a couple of photos for us and promised Rob I’d have a look at www.tri4africa.co.uk . 

After a bit of running around we all, people from the Shetlands in there blue Landrover, meet up by the post office with our French connection Daniel.  Also meet a Dutch couple who had just sent there passports off with someone else.  We filled in the 2 page VISA form, handed over two photos with passports, I also included a couple of Fiches and copy of my passport for luck.  Said our good byes and good luck and went in search of a bed for the next 6 days. 

We all ended up at the same camping place 6km from town, a double room, very basic but clean and secure parking for the bikes I got 20 Dirham after speaking with the owner on the phone making it 60 Dirhams for the room per night (5GBP).  John and Mac appeared with cold beers from town, took a bit of finding and the Star Wars bar closed at 7pm.  The only sign was a large bouncer dressed in black at the door, very hush hush in this Muslim part of the world.  A good night was had talking to the people of the camp site and to top it off the Dutch couple brought us back a couple pizzas from town so we had our breakfast, dinner, lunch and supper in a single serving.

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A meeting of great minds...or Ejji…
A meeting of great minds...or Ejj…