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Early morning from the tent

The route into Togo was a change with hills and more green.  At one point I was wandering what was so different and then I realised it was the green grass by the side of the road.  At Atakpame there was a nice scenic route off the main route looking at the map and I wanted to take it.  About 30km into it on a pot holed road Tim didn’t want to continue so we turned around.  I was in front and on the way back into town I though I could hear a roar from my front tyre, tried looking through the steering but couldn’t see much so put my head out to the side doing over 40km/h and that’s when it all went Pete Tong, wrong!!!  The front wheel washed out to the right side and all of a sudden I was heading for a group of school girls and I managed to throw the bike to the left and down on its right side and slid across the road with me on the bike.

Ground zero...guys sitting on the rocks we rolled over.
  It all happened quickly and I was worried about the damage to the bike before thinking I need to worried about me.  On the other side of the road was a pile of rocks and beyond that a 5meter drop down.  The bike slide up the rocks and rolled over the body with me still on the bike, I could feel the pressure on my body armour, helmet, boots and clothing taking the impacts.  The bike stopped on top of me and the locals rushed to help lift the bike off me.  Thankfully I didn’t hit anyone and I was ok, I checked myself over and I only had a slight grave rash on my right side that turned into a nice big burse.  I will never again mind wearing all my heavy protection gear and sweating buckets because of it. 

The front tyre was finished, my last flat on that one (3rd flat, 6th puncher) and the rim was bent, a front brake disc was bent but worst of all I smashed my GPS screen when the bike rolled over.  When Tim arrived we took off the front wheel and he jumped on the back of a locals bike to get it bashed back into shape, I was carrying a spare tyre.  We stopped on a local hotel that night and I had a few of beers.  About 3am I woke feeling very stiff and sore over my whole body, I could not get comfortable and barley sleep the rest of the night.

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Early morning from the tent
Early morning from the tent
Ground zero...guys sitting on the …
Ground zero...guys sitting on the…
photo by: sayohat