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Tim set off today on his journey today, he was a great travelling buddy and to get advice from.  We had a great adventure crossing the Sahara along the rail route and hopefully we’ll meet again.  Photocopied some of his maps before he left and marked them up... 

The past days I haven’t been feeling to good, fever, sweats, and sore throat.  Been waking up at night feeling cold and this morning I was thinking I haven’t been that good since leaving St Louis in Senegal.  When I went to Riders I asked if I could see a doctor, after a couple of calls and speaking to the doctor over the phone Sambo took me to the A&E at main hospital in Banjul.  This is not a place you want to end up, comparing to UK standards.  It seemed dirty, lots of people packed into wards, the smell and old equipment in the dirty faded green and white rooms.  Walking through with Sambo the demons where with me, I was wandering if I would end up in one of these beds and the crowded ward if I got bad news, I started to wish I brought my medical kit with my own needles (these mental demons can be hard to keep down).  There was a sense that everyone didn’t want to be their.  It’s difficult to judge the place fairly through my first world eyes and comparing it to the times I had spent in hospital in the UK. 

I stuck out my tong and said “ahhhhhhhhhhh”, told the doctor (who reminded me of the crazy doctor from the Simpsons who gets sued and has no medical licence) about how I was feeling.  He prescribed me 500mg of Amoxiacilin four times a day for a week, plus Paracetamol three times a day.  What ever I got will soon be on its way along with any other ailment!!  Sambo had been admitted to A&E a year ago with bad liver problems and talking to him I could clearly see he was glad to be better, he's a very nice guy. 

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photo by: wipr