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Would give this man a visa???

The ride the next morning I was sore down into Lome, my neck was very stiff.  Usually I would stand up from time to time to let the blood flow around my backside but even standing was sore.  In Lome was a KTM dealer!  And that’s where I was going.  When we reach it and parked up I still wasn’t feeling the best.  Tim went to the Angolan embassy and went to the Nigerian to see about my visa, Tim had his already.  I was told you had to be a resident of Togo to get a visa and the Angolan’s wouldn’t issue one either.  That left me with a problem, do I risk crossing into Benin on a two day travel visa to apply and get a Nigerian visa?  The woman at the embassy I visited said Benin embassy had the same rules as them.

We went to a nice place just out of town called Chez Alice, a hunt for overlanders (also a good spot to wash all my biking gear and helmet again, it’s amazing how dirty they get).  The next day I changed to oil and filters on the bike and a new sprockets and chain, also welded my GPS mount lower.  My old rear sprocket I posted back to Riders in Gambia for the bike I was working on with Lamin, it still had lots of life left in it and I had put it on in Morocco.  Tim pushed off to Nigeria as he didn’t want to wait, I was waiting for a guy to bring a new GPS for me the following week from the UK.  Matt was coming back to collect his bike he’d left at Toni’s to continue his Africa trip.  I meet him by chance back in the UK, West Bay, checking out my bike the year before and we had a mutual friend in Morocco and I had already been in contact with him to get details of the KTM guy in Togo.  Another bit of luck.  In the mean time I had a go to straighten the front brake disc and managed to improve it but still got Paulina to buy a new one that she’ll bring with her in March.

I applied for a Ghana visa so I could go to Accra to get my Nigerian visa but I had to get the full month for my Togo visa put into my passport, they only stamp in 7days but you’ve paid for the month, strange but that’s the way it is.  Once I had my passport back I applied for the Ghana visa, filled in all the paper work with photo copies of all the other information included and waited for my interview.  The guy doing the interview looked at my paper work and said he was not going to issue a visa to me, NOOOOOOO!  After a bit of talking he marked my 14day application down to 7days and I had my visa the next day.  I went to get more passport photos, taken in an underground car park me sat on a stool and another guy holding a white sheet behind me.  Once I got the photos back I think I knew the reason why the Ghana guy wouldn’t give me a visa, I looked like crap, honestly this was bad.  Not shaved, hot and sweaty riding the bike, pale and drained looking.  I still pains from the bike roll and my mood was still low.

That night I got talking to a few new comers from Austria in a big old army truck collecting rubbish for a project back home and meeting local artists who made things from rubbish.  A little strange project but they were nice company (  I had a half bottle of bourbon in my room I’d bought with Tim and he had taken his half with him, so I brought my half out to finish it, shared it round and talked into the night. 

Chez Alice was also good because it had a fast wiifii connection and I could speak to people by skype and down load some gps maps!  A complete version of WorldMapV4, the latest Nigerian streetmap, South Africa and East Africa and with a bit of investigation I worked out how to crack them all, happy days.

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Would give this man a visa???
Would give this man a visa???
photo by: hauteboy