Riding two up heading south, oh no back up north again!

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On the run together...

Packing the bike to leave took longer than normal with me unpacking and repacking the things Paulina put in.  After so long travelling on the bike on my own I had my routine and things had to go in this way I told a confused Paulina.   Everything has a home and routine in the key for not loosing stuff.  We had already left stuff a my friends house to make room carrying a passenger, stuff I’d carried I wouldn’t need so much now as everything was obtainable in South Africa compared to the trip down when I carried various things to be self sufficient. 


It was a cold cloudy day leaving Johannesburg, I was fine in all my gear but Paulina didn’t have biking trousers and was getting cold.

I found a shiny KTM to park beside!!
  This was only solved when we reached a shop in Cape Town that had her small size.  It felt unusual riding with the two of us aboard, both tightly sandwiched between the tank bag and the waterproof back on the rear rack, a repack of the waterproof bag gave us a few more inches (hehehe).     


The rain clouds disappeared and the sun was out.  About 250km south we stopped for fuel and a snack.  A couple came over to speak to us asking the usual questions where we came from etc.  They told us about a bikers meeting happening this very weekend in a place called Parys, thousands of bikers we were told…  with that we headed back up north 150km to the Fox Club bikers meeting.  Was nice to see so many bikes but no overlanders like us, most of these machines were very well polished and mine very well used!


There are lots of bikers meeting all over the country our new friends camped beside us said and gave me a magazine listing them all.  The biker´s event here looks like a mad Hells Angels event with people wearing there clubs various logos on the back of their jackets, intimidating skulls and fire motifs, some with President, Sectary, Treasurer etc underneath it.  Lots of greasy long hair, short hair, tattoo’s, silver jewellery and dirty leather accessories but none from the Blue Moon bikers club in Police Academy movie with thick mustash wearing short leather pants dancing to YMCA! hahahaa.  People naturally think the worst of these people but I wasn’t one bit worried.  After a few days of sleepless nights from people riding there loud bikes around all night we left to go south with a smile (I also took the baffles out my exhaust to make mine nice a loud!!). 

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On the run together...
On the run together...
I found a shiny KTM to park beside…
I found a shiny KTM to park besid…
photo by: MrDuck