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the usual suspects together again. (Ruuh, John, Mick, Sue, Sandra, Me, Nige)

In the morning I gave another overlander from England, Tim, a hand to change his tyres using my bikes side stand to break the tyre bead.  The Landrover crew found another auberge to stay down the road for the same money but with your own toilet (a sit down and not a squat) and hot shower.  So we all moved camp including Tim, we were the last to leave.  I could see a argument breaking out between Tim and the owner as he tried to extract more cash from him, some of these people are always scamming but Tim  was having non of it (good lad!).  I watch a shouting match in my mirror as I was sat on my bike so I ride over to the large blue gates and opened them, leaving enough room between my bike for Tim to make a quick exit.  The other place was much larger and more comfortable, with proper beds rather than the previous foam on the floor. 

Mick, Sue and John was talking about travelling over to Choum but via the railway, following the piste, there is no roads for this 560km route.  Tim was also planning to do this route and to have the support of the Landrover to carry some of my stuff, petrol and water seemed a great idea.  This is a famous railway because of the length of the trains, 2.3km!!!  Tim had a route description from one of Chris Scott’s books and it looked like this route across the Sahara could be done, I also had the route stored in my GPS maps from a set of Africa maps I bought.  Nigel decided to meet us in a few days down in Nouakchott, riding the road down instead, his bike would not be up for it and with a bath sponge for a air filter I’m sure he made the correct decision. 

We all went to the Chinese beside the auberge that night, they sold wine and we bought a few of these 1Euro Spanish boxes of wine for 6Euro!!  John and myself were the last to leave and staggered back to our rooms.

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the usual suspects together again.…
the usual suspects together again…
photo by: johnyb66