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Matt was coming down late Sunday from the UK and I went to Ghana to get my Nigeria visa Sunday.  The route over was nice, off the main route going along the coast with palm trees.  I bumped into some shady cops that started to give me a hard time, looking for something to fine me with.  They asked for my passport and insurance (hmmmm my insurance is not valid here…I must create new ones on the netbook when I get back), handed the passport over and kept them talking, they asked for gifts.  Then one guy said there was no reflector on the front of the bike (found out later it’s law to have it from the Land Registry office from a taxi driver, you can get them free from them).  The guy smiled thinking he had me and I thought, then I pointed to the reflective tape I’d put on each pannier, it was pointing forward and the side and the rear.  Eventually they let me go.  I was having a laugh to myself as I rode off, thinking one of these days I will get caught, then out of nowhere on the long empty road a local guy by the side of the road comes out of the grass fully necked with everything blowing the breeze, aahay??? 

I used the Lonely Planet map to get me into Accra, I had a compass taped to my old GPS mount but it was in Bermuda Triangle mode spinning in circles from the vibrations of the bike.  The airport was a good marker to start from and I found my way easily (funny that with big planes around!) and to the area to where I wanted to stay.  In the morning before going to the embassy I had a quick look for a buttoned shirt at the road side stalls, the guy went and got a bright flowery one, I needed to look respectable not flowery.  After a bit of explaining, I was going to an embassy and saying I wanted a plain shirt similar to his, he offered me his!  It was clean and it fitted me.  At a good price for him I paid without getting the price down, I was going for a important visa and this guy was giving me the shirt off his back.  I got the visa, what did he get?  Later that night I saw him in the street again wearing a new Ghana football top (the African Football Nations was playing in Angola), he said it was not fake and to feel it, he had a huge smile on his face and I knew where my hard earned cash went, happy days.

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photo by: qophys