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The days pass quickly.  Washed all my bike cloths in the steaming hot water, got the bike racking gas welded at Riders and an even larger foot on the side stand to stop it sinking in soft ground.  Washed and serviced the bike and also checked the valve clearances which is a real fiddle, that took a day stripping the bike down but was good and fixed a couple of other small potential wee problems on the way.

Nigel’s bike problems turned out to be more fatal than he first though, the brushes from a washing machine he fitted in the UK failed.  The guys at Riders tried their best to fix Nige’s bike but hammers and machining has it’s limitations so new parts need to be ordered and shipped from the UK meaning at least a couple of weeks wait.  It’s clear that Nige’s bike will not make it to South Africa for the fear of breaking down again, plus the weight it is carrying and the roads will get worse further south making it a demanding ride.  So that means I’ll be moving on solo.  He’s not sure what his plans are, he’s thinking about shipping direct to South Africa avoiding the trans west African route.

bigmacze2 says:
hi lad, wir in segou on wir way 2 mopti then hopin 2 get a good price
2 toumbic2. going 2 get the boat up river 4 Xmas. is tim still with u?
ps luv the hair gos with the beard lol.

jmac Mick sue
Posted on: Dec 16, 2009
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photo by: wipr