Arrested in Yaounde…and on the run in flip flops!!!

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After today’s unsuccessful attempt to collect our Gabon visa we went out for pizza that night for Clive’s birthday, got the DRC on Monday here in Yaounda.  

Grant from the big yellow truck told us about him and a couple of others getting arrested in Yaounda a few years ago, you need to carry ID but there passports were with the Gabon embassy getting a visa when the police stopped them in a taxi, they didn’t payoff the police so were taken away.  After getting a bit loud at the police station the policeman took them away to the back and said to look through a small window he open on a cell door, behind was a cell full of naked locals and a big pile of excrement in the corner, another word from them and that’s where they would be put.  Needless to say they kept quiet after that and were eventually realised when there respective home embassy’s got involved.

Now the mood is set follow the link below to Tanya’s blog to find out what happened…

But I would say I remember me doing an impression of a confused plane rather than hands in the air (hahahaha) 

And happy birthday MUM!!

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