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Getting a ride across the river

Leaving the next day I had Port Agulhas firmly in my sights.  The most southerly point of Africa, my southerly objective riding by land from the north to the very south.  De Walt pointed out a nice route down, off the highway through the farm lands that have been harvested as it was coming into winter and now the earthy autumn colours could be seen compared to the bright lush spring and summer.  Something that became more obvious later during the months of travelling is that winter here means a very dry and cold time with a hot wetter summer.  This is in contrast to us lot up in the northern hemisphere, especially Ireland, where the winter is cold and very wet with the warm drier summers (except in Ireland where it always rains!). 


Coming from a farming background I tend to look at the types of farming around as I pass and the way it is different to my home.

And this guy and his mate are pulling us across!
  You’ll see long thin metal frame work skeleton on wheels starching across from the centre to the edge of round fields, they slowly move in a never ending circle to provide life giving water in the growing season.  Farming in dry South Africa requires more investment and maintenance compared to the fertile soil of home.


The gravel farming routes leading us south was a pleasure to ride, empty way ahead of us and smooth enough to ride as fast as I would on the tarred highways but I’ve became a calmer rider these days on my ‘sit up and beg’ dual sport compared to my younger days on a sports bike. 


You could smell the sea air coming into Port Agulhas and ride was along a rocky coastline with sea level only a couple of meters below and the waves breaking meters away.

MADE IT!! Happy Days 8)
  It reminded me of the rocky coastline of home.


It was getting late and we found a campsite in the seaside town.  Got in touch with Mariette in Cape Town, a woman I worked with on my last trip offshore in Angola.  She told of the flight chaos in Europe due to the volcano eruption in Iceland and people were stranded everywhere.  This made me laugh out loud and told her to stop pulling my leg, I couldn’t believe it…  It was true, nature has the final say.  That night eating at a local bar I read more about the volcano, and wandered how many other things I missed over the past months being out of touch with the world and locked in my own.  Also missing life with family and friends…


The next day we rode out to the point with a monument erected to mark the most southerly part of African continent, Indian Ocean to my left Atlantic to my right, and we eat breakfast gazing out to sea, then done the photo thing by the mounted placard.  The placard area was blocked to stop cars entering keeping them in a small gravel car park with a wooden walkway constructed across the rocks.  But with the people around I rode Katie over the rocks for my photo, people around smiled perhaps knowing this biker has come a long way… (((over 30,000kms!!)))

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Getting a ride across the river
Getting a ride across the river
And this guy and his mate are pull…
And this guy and his mate are pul…
MADE IT!!  Happy Days 8)
MADE IT!! Happy Days 8)
Port Agulhas
photo by: MrDuck