3rd Dec 09 – Dakar by any means possible

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It took a good 100kms after leaving St Louis before I started to feel better and we aimed see our sights on Dakar, Dakar is a badge for a places I’ve been.  I’ve heard about the traffic of Dakar but it’s only when you see it for yourself you know what it’s like. Most of the way is four lanes bumper to bumper and having panniers makes it more difficult to filter.  We hit the traffic a good 20km from the centre on the dust roads packed with people pushing to get on with the days life, horns, police whistles and shouting.  We tried filtering on the road until I saw Tim heading down the pavement, top idea!  I use pavement in the losses sense of the word!  More like off road.  The four lanes squeeze into a two lane old bridge, this is a major hold up for progress.  After it was new open roads, they are building large multi lane highway. 

We abandoned the idea of a coffee in town and headed off in the general direction cross the city for a flag marking a place we could stay.  My navigation worked well this time and we found the place up by a northern beach of Dakar.  We negotiated a lower price (Dakar is expensive!!) that meant no paper work to fill in, included breakfast and we got both bikes into the court yard without taking off the panniers, I had a good inch clearance on each side (it also had a top shower).  Tim cooked up a taste meal and we talked more about travelling and the life.  He has some good stories and has cross Europe to Asia and back, which even took him to Northern Alliance controlled Afghanistan.

(((Oh, and happy birthday Hall!)))
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