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We arrived in Delhi after a VERY long day of travelling.  We got up at 4am in Beijing, got a taxi to the airport (luckily the girls at the hotel wrote a note for us so none of the drivers could screw us over!) and ended up using all the tricks in the book to keep our driver awake (windows down, loud talking, coughing and back of chair kicking!)!  We then had 2 flights ahead of us with a stop in Singapore and arrived safely in Delhi (at 10pm to a temperature of 39 degrees!) about 15 hours later! After a ridiculous amount of time spent waiting for our luggage we finally got out to meet our airport pick up (who proceeded to wallop it down the Indian roads weaving in and around buses, letting his horn do the talking! It was like Vietnam all over again!!).

After a little bit of cleaning, a few sprays of insect repellant and a good nights sleep we got over the jet lag and spent the next few days scouting out the local area, Pahar Ganj (and cautiously sampling many Indian dishes), and getting used to the heat and chest tightening dusty air!

We booked train tickets for a day trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal but Jim spent the night running to the porcelain (hence the name of this entry title!) and didn't feel up to getting a train at 6am so we opted for a day in bed instead!  Once he was a bit better we decided it was time to move out of Delhi and booked train tickets to Jaipur as the accommodation at Corbett Park (where Han's Elephant is) hadn't got back to us. 

The night before our journey I got my hand and arm decorated with henna which looked really pretty.  Then I woke up in the morning with a bad tummy but we managed to make our morning train with minutes to spare!

We arrived in Jaipur - The Pink City - and were lucky to get the last double room at Hotel Pearl Palace (which was a delightful change from Delhi's Rak Hotel!).  It was lovely and clean with a big comfy bed and huge TV (oh, and air con that worked!).  We went upstairs to the hotel's Peacock Rooftop Restaurant, described as 'outstanding' in Lonely Planet, but didn't stay long!  I had a funny turn and nearly fainted so Jim had to carry me downstairs (extremely scary) to the comfort of our cool room.  No sooner than I was feeling better, Jim began complaining of extreme bloatedness and spent the entire night on the toilet with his head in a bucket (I felt ludicrously dizzy and couldn't feel my hands for the majority of the night!).  Needless to say, we spent the next few days recovering (the big telly helped a lot!).

Once he felt up to it we decided to do some sightseeing and headed into the old city to Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds.  Quite fitting considering my bout of gasrtonomic discomfort!).  The clever construction of this building set around a courtyard with its many honeycomb windows, created a backdraft of cooling air which increased with each level climbed.  The view from the top was amazing (we couldn't quite tell whether the architectural air conditioning was working or if it was cooler due the kick ass storm we'd just experienced!) as we looked across the city scape and could see how Jaipur is built in a big dip surrounded by mountains, overlooked by Amber Fort.

That evening Jim got poorly again (sad face) and spent yet another night on the toilet! By 6am he'd got fed up of waiting for it to pass and phoned the doctor who gave him 2 injections in the bum and said it was a case of severe acute gastroentiritis and to come back and see him in the evening (it was quite scary being ill in India, I know it happens to the best of us but I wasn't expecting a jab in the bum!).  When the time came round to go back and see the doc Jim was feeling a little better and was managing not only to contain water but food too!  He ended up with another bum injection that night, one the following morning (4 in total. Ouch!!) aswell as a 5 day course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory tablets.  We met a nice swiss couple at the doctors who told us their horror story of ending up in an Indian hospital (after this I was very pleased we'd ended up with this doctor and his good reputation). 

After yet more time of recouperation Jim felt well enough to visit jaipurs City Palace (and its unbelievably awesome array of weapons!).  The grounds and buildings were very beautiful and among them we found 2 huge silver urns which hold the record for the largest silver objects in the world! We viewed the intricately embroidered garments of the Maharaja, the grand hall where meetings were held and a room filled from floor to ceiling with some of the most gruesome weapons ever seen (awesome! Maces, swords, kataras with pistols attatched and even camel mounted rifles!)! Lastly we visited an area called friends of the museum which was made up of craftsmen selling everything from shoes and bangles to ornaments and paintings.  They were a bit overpriced though but we managed to get Rs300 knocked off a painting (turns out Indians are real hard bargainers!)!

We had purchased a train ticket to return to Delhi the next day, however on checking our emails before leaving we found one from the Foreign and Commonwealth office informing us there was an imminent threat of terror attacks in the city and to avoid market areas of Delhi that weekend! We thought it best to stay away from Pahar Ganj so decided that for the time being we'd remain in Jaipur (luckily we're not staying in a dingy hole!).

Tinktinkie says:
Ouch sounds like you had a crappy experience!
Posted on: May 08, 2010
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