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After our mini ordeal we ventured out from our pleasant guesthouse for a drink and some food and ended up at a small coffee shop.  We were served with a smile which made us realise there were still some nice people left in Thailand (the waiter actually said "I`m sorry if your icecream is melting" as if he was responsible for the 35 degree heat!)!

After some deliberation we decided to go ahead with our plan to tour the Phi Phi Islands the following day (we thought it was worth the extra cost for the experience).  We got up bright and early and were picked up on time (we managed to find a reputable booking agent who actually provided everything we asked for!) and taken to the beach where we boarded our speedboat (yes thats right guys, a speedboat! which as you can imagine was awesome!).  Our first destination was a bay on Ko Phi Phi Don for a spot of snorkelling where we found some interesting coral (differing from the varieties we saw in the Cook Islands) and we swam through schools of fish that were being fed bread by the men on our boat!

Next stop, Ko Phi Phi Leh where 'The Beach' was filmed (on the way here we passed Chicken Island, an Island shaped like a chicken! Although we thought this bad boy looked more like a turkey!).  It was a really beautiful secluded bay with soft white sand and crystal clear sea, but unfortunately a complete and utter tourist trap, swarming with boats and people (most of them Russians!).  We had a little walk around and a swim in the sea then our boat took us around the island to a lagoon which is supposedly the most beautiful in the world (but we didn't think it was a scratch on Aitutaki!).  We also got to see the cave where the birds nests are collected for the soup (and drink we had in Vietnam!)!!  We then returned to Phi Phi Don for lunch (which was a nice 'all you can eat' number) and a look around after.  Then it was back onto the boat where we stopped in the middle of the ocean for more snorkelling (we saw a similar array of marine life to earlier).  Last stop on our tour was Bamboo Island where we were free to do as we pleased (sunbathe, snorkel, swim, drink...).  Jim chose snorkelling (here there was a higher volume of coral, making for interesting viewing.  But the best thing was a very comical line up of Seagulls on the buoys!), and I opted for swimming and sunbathing but was bitten on the bum by some sand creature so decided against the latter!

Back in Krabi we went for some streetfood by the river, then for the 2nd night in a row treated ourselves to some happy hour cocktails!  To try and cut out any hassle we purchased tickets from our guesthouse for the bus and boat to Ko Samui (which turned out to be a bad idea).  It started well, we were picked up on time along with 2 guys from the Isle of White doing the same journey, and successfully taken to the coach bound for Sukhothai (whilst on the bus I made the mistake of mentioning how long it had been since we saw rain, so lo and behold it began raining!).  After a reasonably pleasant journey we arrived at a booking office in Sukhothai where we waited for a taxi which we thought was taking us to the pier.  When we got in the driver tried demanding money from us, which we refused to give as already had brought our combined ticket.  He drove us 10 minutes down the road and said we were to get out here.  He pointed at a shop/office/cafe (/warehouse) and told us that we give our tickets and wait here!  After hearing plently of horror stories and not knowing what was going on, we presumed he was trying to con us so walked back to the main road (after swapping a few choice words) and got a Tuk tuk back to the booking office we'd originally been dropped off at!  The woman there seemed very shocked to see us return then explained that the taxi driver had actually taken us to 'our' company and it was from there that a bus would collect us and take us to the pier (why she couldn't have expplained that in the first place?!).  The taxi driver returned to collect another customer, so sheepishly we headed back to 'our' company and a very grumpy man who said we'd missed the bus and wasn't willing to help us out or give us our boat tickets! Left to our own devices we hailed a Tuk tuk which took us to the pier, 1 hour away, where we had no choice other than to buy our boat tickets again.  We just about managed to make it onto the last ferry of the day to our relief (despite the fact that the days events had left us out of pocket)!!

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photo by: forevert2