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After a plethera of bus changes (annoying!) and a 3 hour journey, we arrived in beautiful Hoi An (this is the nicest looking place in Vietnam so far)!  We found ourselves a nice hotel with a pool (this was necessary as the temperature seems to be increasing rapidly as we travel down the country) and an ensuite room, dropped off our bags and headed out to find a tailor.  Hoi An is famous for it's abundance of tailors (we ended up at Long Silk, the shop recommended by our hotel)!  We picked our designs, material, and got measured up and were surprised when we were quoted an even cheaper price than expected (on top[ of the fact that it only took 2 days to make!)!

So we spent 4 nights in Hoi An and brought a ticket to visit a variety of historical sights in the ancient town (as this is a World Heritage site).  We found it surprising to learn that over the past few decades the town had been regularly flooded and there are markings on the Japanese bridge (one of the sights we visited) to show the water levels.  We also went to a traditional music performance with some dancing (they danced with pots on their head! impressive!) and a workshop where locals were making conical hats, doing embroidery, painting, carving and weaving.  The ticket also included a museum, an old house and assembly hall.  All of which were very interesting (especially the dragon statues in the assembly hall!).

We made the most of our pool at the hotel (it was freezing as the sun never really shone directly on it!), going for a swim every day (trying not to inhale any of the water as it smelt a bit weird!), and spent every night on the river front for a tasty meal  (for like 2 pound a pop!).  We also found a nice bar which did a free cocktail for your first drink (no scrimping! we had long island iced teas!!), and we spent every night in there playing pool and drinking and met some nice people!

We picked up our tailored goods, meticulously pulling at every stitch to check the quality ( hey, they made it in 2 days!!), then spent a day with a boat ride down the river (we haggled the hell out of him! 1 hour for 60,000 dong! and we were the only ones on the boat!) after having dinner and bumping into, yet again the aussies from Sapa and Hue!  On the way down the river our driver pointed out a riverside market, lots of fishing boats, the outlet to the sea and ducks (the surrounding foliage was very reminiscent of Apocolypse Now so I made Hannah take pictures of me on the front of the boat like Martin Sheen!!)!!

We sent out tailored goods and some excess baggage home (its alright, should be there in about 3 MONTHS!!) and spent our last day hanging around, waiting for our final slepper bus to Nha Trang, which we'll cover next time!!

nannybarb says:
Hi James/Han- Just read your blog - Tailor Made - I had a laugh and I hope you both feel HOIty-toity in your clothes from HOI. Glad to hear you are enjoying the experience. Looking forward to your next piece. lots of love from nan/grandad XXX
Posted on: Feb 16, 2010
dadpaul says:
hi guys,gettin a bit worried bout the aussies,they might be stalkers!!they might be after all your dong and the 10 suits and dresses that youve bought so far!have fun TAKE CARE luv dad xx
Posted on: Feb 15, 2010
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