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We arrived in Nha Trang after a 12 hour sleeper bus from Hoi An (hopefully the last one for a while!).  We put on our backpacks and headed off to find a hotel, with constant requests from hotel workers on the street for us to stay at their establishment! By this stage of our journey we were looking for something a bit more inexpensive (cheap, cheap!) and finally agreed to look at a room in one of the budget hotels.  The room was fine with aircon, double bed, fridge, TV and bathroom all for $6 (or so we thought).  So we dropped off our bags and wandered down to the beach.  Nha Trand seemed quite pretty (but in true Vietnamese style very messy!), and we spent the morning sun bathing and swimming in the sea (which is probably the warmest sea - South China - we've ever been in!)!

We strolled up and down the streets in the afternoon for a look around (we weren't staying there long so didn't commit ourselves to anything!) then had lunch before returning to the beach for more sunning and swimming (after we found a good spot, not by the dead rat!).  As we were only in Nha Trang for the night we got ready and headed to the Sailing Club - a posh restaurant with tables oin the beach - for tea (it turned out to be a bit pants!).  The food was nice but really overpriced and the service was crap (in hindsight 'overpriced' is still only about 10 pounds though!!), but atleast we got to eat by candlelight on the beach (and some of us got to fall off our chair!)!!

We walked back to the hotel after tea via a pretty little street market, got into our room and went to turn the aircon on but couldn't find the remote (thought we'd lost it)! So we turned the room upside down, left no stone unturned, but it was nowhere to be seen! The idea dawned upon us that maybe someone had come into the room to get it, so Jim headed downstairs to have a word with the owner, where our suspicions were confirmed (the little blighter had got in our room and took the remote away!).  After the $6 room had been advertised to us with aircon, they then decided we were actually only allowed a fan for that price, so let themselves in, rummaged through our stuff on the bed, found the remote and swiped it!! :(

Our theory (well, hannah's!) was that this was their response to our refusal to leave the key at the desk when we went out! Maybe they wanted to show us they could get into our room whether or not we left the key! SO off we went to bed, a little angry, but happy in the knowledge we'd be leaving in the morning!! :D

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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85