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After the small dissappointment of Nha Trang we arrived in Mui Ne, which seemed all the more beautiful.  Mui Ne is basically a beach resort town situated on a long stretch of road that runs parallel to the shore.  The beach is lovely (and a lot less messy!) and a paradise for kite surfers (they're everywhere)!

As Tet (Vietnamese Christmas, New Year and Birthday celebrations all rolled onto one) was approaching amd with Mui Ne being a real holiday destination we really should have booked our accommodation ahead.  All the prices had been raised and rooms weren't as readily available as in other places so we found ourselves crawling the streets, sweating buckets in the lovely Mui Ne sunshine (fear not though cos we found somewhere nice! With 2 double beds!! Despite the room being a harborous den of mosquitoes!).

Our first evening was spent walking along the beach (where we saw a beautiful sunset) paddling in the sea, and we didn't realise how far we'd actually walked until we decided to turn around and had to walk all the way back!

The next day after our fill of lovely cheap food (all the food in Vietnam is awesome! we've become quite the fans of a bowl of Pho Bo and a plate of spring rolls!) we were whisked away by a man in a jeep on one of the most stunning tours yet :)  Our first stop was Fairy Stream (which comes from Fairy Spring) and on arrival looked just like a dirty river (Birmingham to Worcester canal!), but the waters only about 2 inches deep and actually on a bed of red sand (so after much deliberation we were persuaded by our guide to walk through it)!!!  As we soldiered on upstream the scenery became more and more spectacular with shrubbery to the right and on our left, massive red and white sandstone formations (which were bloomin' hot! probably shouldn't have tried to climb up!).

Back in the jeep and off to stop number 2 a fishing village on the sea (which stank of rotten fish! Mmmmmm fish sauce :S Yeah right!!) where we saw a lot of rudimentary fishing vessels.  The next stop was Lotus Lake and the White Sanddunes (this was quite literally incredibly awesome.  Think Lawrence of Arabia!).  As soon as we pulled up you could see the beautiful white dunes set behind a blue lake with lotus lillies at the front (we thought the pictures in the office were photoshopped! Clearly not!).  We ventured onto the sanddunes where we were greeted by a bunch of local lads renting the use of their sandboards (i'd been bugging Han to do this since we arrived in Nam)>  So we paid our money and recieved our sheet of plastic with its rope handle and continued onto the dunes to find the best mound!  It didn't start off well (I moved about 2cm!) with more sinking than sliding, so Jim ran off into the desert to find a more suitable spot (I saw a wet bit that looked well used)!  After a feeble excuse for a slide, the crowds, we noticed were heading for a mighty big mound so we followed in suit!  After honing our technique (lie flat on your stomach, hold rope and lift up your arms like chicken wings) fun was had by all!  During our time in the desert where sand was all you could see in every direction, we experienced a deafening silence (It actually hurt my ears there was that little noise) when in the right spots where sheltered totally from the wind! 

So we left the dunes (our bodies and every orifice covered in sand) and headed to the red sandstone canyon.  From the road it was barely visible (but on closer inspection looked like a humungous crack in the earth!).  We climbed down into the canyon to take a look around but couldn't stay too long as the sun was dwindling and our final objective was a visit to the red sanddunes for a gorgeous sunset (this was the most awesome sunset yet!).

We finished the day out on the town for the Tet festivities (when in Rome.... although in this case there weren't many Romans, just a whole load of backpackers!).

On our last full day in Mui Me we visited a small Pagoda and spent the afternoon on the beach frolicking in the biggest waves ever (they were mighty big waves) and watching some kite surfing.  As it was Valentines day we had planned to go out for a nice meal (but I was let off the hook), however changed our plans and went for dinner with an Australian couple we met the night before.  Afterwards went for a few drinks at a bar on the beach where we saw some brilliant fire poi!

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Mui Ne
photo by: TrudyNRonnie