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We visited Lopburi for a few hours in the middle of a crazy journey from Sukhothai to Krabi.  It began with a taxi to Sukhothai`s bus station at sunrise (this was our first opportunity to get pics of the sun coming as opposed to going down!), where we got a bus to Phitsanulok, 1 hour away.  Once in Phitsanulok we got a taxi to the train station where we got our cheap third class tickets to Lopburi (thought we were going to miss our planned train but managed to  make it as it was running late luckily!).

It wasn`t difficult to figure out where to get off the train in Lopburi for as soon as we pulled into the station you could see ruins crawling with monkeys!  We got off the train and made our way there and couldn`t believe our eyes, astounded by the pure volume of monkeys (the little pests were in the street, climbing up buildings, along wires and over the temples!).  As we walked around the main ruin we saw the monkeys climbing all over and clawing at the people feeding them.  They were very cute and tame but we still kept our distance (you don`t know what type of animal might have rabies!) especially when one opened its mouth and hissed at me while posing for a photo!  All monkeyed out we went and had lunch at KFC (a Thai derivative of the American classic! Spicy chicken and rice!) before continuing on our journey with a 3 hour third class train ride to Bangkok.  We had a wait of a few hours at Bangkok station (where we had an installment of Dunkin` Donuts! As you can see, a very healthy day!), then it was onto a sleeper train (unfortunately this time we booked too late to get a bed so had to travel in second class seated for the 10 hours! and despite the free evening and morning snacks it was a difficult and uncomfortable journey!) down south to Surat Thani.  Our planned destination was Krabi and we`d read that there were buses from Surat Thani train station that would take us directly there.  However, when we arrived at about 8.30am we found that the last bus to Krabi had already left (ludicrous)!! This meant we had to catch a local bus into Surat Thani town, 14 km away and there find a coach to take us to Krabi! After that initial hassle (we`d heard the horror stories and weren`t prepared to jump straight onto the first coach we saw), we successfully arrived in Krabi (although we were dropped off in what appeared to be an unused bus depot and had no choice other than to take the one taxi there to our accommodation!)!!

It was a manic 24 hours but we made it!!!

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photo by: Stigen