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I awoke in the morning......... watching the blades of the fan in my appartment slicing the air like a well sharpened Machette.  they reminded me of the blades of the jet i touched down in here in Hanoi, Vietnam, a day ago.... It feels like a lifetimes past..... but its nothing compared to whats to come..... I can taste the gasoline, the oily touch and smell of napalm. I look back to the fan, now it talks of the apache chopper that could take me down the coast where I start my mission to saigon and the Mekong Delta I got one month till I get out and they say when I do I I'll want nothing more than to get back here..... to the jungle, the noise, the fear.  they say I'm lucky, but what do they know about luck....... In 'Nam you make your own luck.  No time to rely on anyone one else, if you keep people close it's only that much harder when you have to say goodbye, in most cases ths only a couple a' days, you gotta push 'um away and hope they make it, hope you see 'um on the other side, 'Hope' he's your only real friend in the fight against fear, the cold and the VC.  So you gotta keep ya head straight, watch ya step and ya mouth shut and you may just make it through, least thats what they say.

G.I. James W. Cooper

Marine Corp.




dadpaul says:
watch out for charlie! xx
Posted on: Jan 25, 2010
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