Don`t let the bedbugs bite!

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We were dropped off in Sukhothai`s old town instead of the new (where we thought we`d be arriving!), which turned out well as it was on the doorstep of Sukhothai`s Historical Park (the main reason for our visit).  For a very good price (or so we thought) we found a nice room at a hotel.  We went out and had some food (where the existence of a 'Banana Boat' was proven as it was named on the menu! In your face all you 'Banana Showboat' non-believers!!) then returned to the room to settle in for the night.  It was then that Jim noticed something crawling over the pillow, and on closer inspection found that it was that which we dreaded most (every single bed we`ve slept in I`ve checked intently for signs of bedbugs and unfortunately, this was the first time I hadn`t!)! We found stroves of the bugs crawling over the pillows and in the nooks and crannies beneath the mattress!  I immediately went to fetch one of the guys that worked there (while I was so freaked out I needed a shower!) and on his inspection, tried to blame us (cheeky blighter) for bringing them in on our backpacks!  We eventually persuaded him to give us another room and the next morning swiftly took our custom elsewhere (to the much nicer, bug free, 'Garden Bungalows' in the new town)!  Once that was sorted we spent the day cycling around the historical park which was brilliant and took our minds off the trauma of crawling bugs! We cycled around the maze of Bhuddist temple ruins (including a very temple a bit furthern out of the old city walls which sported 4 Bhuddas, one standing, one sitting, one walking and one reclining!) of which there were many and we took plenty of photos (including a very naughty one when Han climbed up and sat in one of the Bhudda`s hands, just before noticing the 'NO CLIMBING' sign!!!).

We finished our short trip to Sukhothai in style (at a little known restaurant, recommended by Lonely Planet...) at 'POO Restaurant' (we couldn`t resist the opportunity to say that we`ve dined at a Poo restaurant!).  Despite the suggestive nature of it`s name it was some of the best food we`ve had in ages and the service was really friendly with Poo herself gracing us with her prescence!

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photo by: DragonFlies