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I told you about my great airplane ride.. yea still getting crap about that.. hehe.. but we landed in Portland all happy as can be.. We hadn't checked any luggage (hells yea we pack light) so we walked out of the terminal to the first exit we seen and threw our arms up in the air "Hello PORTLAND"  So my bro starts calling the cousins announcing our arrival. And we wait.. and wait.. hmm a little concerned.. we hear our cousin left at 7 to pick us up and its now almost 9.. Starting to worry.. when finally we get the call. She is there but can't find us. I get this brillant idea to check and see where the hell we are.. Yup Departures... my cousin is waiting downstairs in Arrivals.. Whoops. Bad Cali people. We met up and go to my aunts house.

We join my aunt and go to Red Robin for lunch. yay! Than back to the house were we drop off the babies and go to the mall. No sales tax in Oregon. We loved it. I actually bought shit!! yay!!
Then back to the house to get ready and go out. We went to a bar by my cousins house. It was really good. A little dive bar with a live band. We played pool. My bro and I made a team against my cousin in law and his friend. We kept rematching. best 2 outta 3. 5 outta 7. In the end my team won.. I actually really impressed them cause I made our last 2 8 balls on shots they no way would think I could do.
So we drive home and it starts raining. My bro has his head out the window and keeps saying ow ow ow. I'm like get your head inside... and he says he's having the oregon experience but it hurts his eyes. Then I'm like but close your eyes fool. and he says its the experience.. haha
I sleep til 1 the next day. I had been up 24 hours at that point. haha. It was raining so our cool hike idea to see some water falls was nixed.. But day time was for the kids (cause my niece was po'ed that we were having so much fun at night.) So we went to Bullwinkles. It was hilarious. We got on the water bumper boats and soaked the shit out of each other. Then we were cold!! Next was Go Karts.. yay!! I got into a nice accident on those. haha. We were racing each other and all. Next was Laser Tag. I love laser tag. Our team sucked tho. oops. But I was our teams High Scorer. Whoo hooo...!! Haha!! We did more of the same the whole day then went home for dinner. October fest Sausage.. ohh yum!! Then out again!!
We went to this bar where there was a $5 cover.. but the cool thing was pay an extra $5 and you get a wrist band that until 11:00 gives you 5 cent beers (pabst Blue Ribbon) and 10 cent mixed drinks (water down as hell) We damn calis screwed it up and paid $15 total so I had to drink a lot. 5 drinks in under an hour.. yes! And even tho they were watered down I was buzzed. But the bar sucked ass. We were the oldest kids there.. the kids there thought there were cool but I became a Cali snob and they so weren't. haha!!We were laughing our asses off at them.. Bad bad snobs.. So we jammed to another bar. On the way we are listening to a cd my cousin made and we're screaming Crazy Bitch by BuckCherry. We walk into this new bar and the band starts up... playing.. Craxy Bitch by BuckCherry!! You know we were screaming along and being loud and obnoxious!! We loved that bar.
We left and went to Albertos for my brothers first meat meal since Lent. yay for Albertos Carne Asada nachos!! Yum!
Now I've mentioned a lot of drinking.. umm we got my cousins so bent.. They aren't used to going out and drinking.. We.. sadly... are. So we're buzzed and happy and my cousin is in the back seat puking. Oops!! Good times!

We get back and I purposely woke up early cause Sunday was our last day. We spent it at my aunts just kicking it and having a chill family time. It was awesome.

It was perfect traveling. I loved being away. The atmosphere was so nice. It was like being away from all the issues and drama and really just having good clean fun! It was so neede
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