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Thursday before I left. I get home from school and have a hundred things to do and the bro and pops keep asking me questions and distracting me. I finally get packed and my bro says hey lets check in online. I have never done that before.. So I hop to it and do it.. only to realize I'm an utter idiot. How exactly did I think I would get my tickets. I"m on my laptop with no printer.. Whoops!! So I call up my girl Erin. Was sposed to hang with her anyways.. she says she doesn't want to go out drinking  but says sure come over and use her printer. Only she warns she's low on ink but should have enough to print the 3 tickets.
I get there and lo and behold.. not enough to print three tickets. Crap! So we harass her neighbors Anthony and Shane who have a printer which we take and run back to Erin's place. Its a photo printer.. but we don't have the installation cd and it won't connect so back that goes. Then Erin has this bright idea that maybe if she took out the bad black and white cartridge and leave in the color (which is fine) that we could print. So we do and it does!! yay I have my boarding passes. Woo hoo
Now I've been feeling stressed and finally have a moment to relax and since Erin and I weren't gonna go out it was time to drink at Erin's house. I still had my bottle of Jack and there was coke in my car. A long story short I made three glasses and I made them strong. I wanted to drink a bit so I could go home and pass out so I could get some sleep before waking up all early.. Well bad plan. I drank too much..  I get home at 12:30 pass out and am awoken at 3:30 feeling like I haven't slept at all and may still be a little drunk. I grab a frozen burrito and we don't even make it down the street when I throw up. Turn around to get me some new clothes and on our way again.
I get to the airport get out of the car turn around and puke in a trash can with this poor bystander getting grossed out. I get inside and run to the bathroom twice more before take off to puke. Haha~!
Get on the plane and throw up three more times!! All the water I am drinking and sprite to settle my stomach it all comes out. It was horrid. My niece was beyond grossed out. My bro at least said I was discreet about it. Yay go me.
In it the end its really funny!! haha. or at least I laugh at it.. I'm such a dumbass..
Anyways thats the puking story. There I've gotten something out now. Sorry for the gross story.. haha

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