a stranger sang a theme, from someone else's dream.. venezia, you are so beautiful, that it hurts.

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la citta della serenissima... venezia..
my alarm clock went off at 8 am, the check out time was still at 10 am and my flight back to düsseldorf, germany was still at 2 pm. i changed my alarm to 9 am, it wouldnt hurt to sleep more, since the night was difficult for me to sleep, it was so cold and the heater wasnt working, well it was, but its a blowing heater, doesnt hold heat for that long and my blanket was thin.

i was only half asleep, the girl who was in the room with me was also packing her things, but very carefuly not to awake me. i stood at 9 am and the girl just finished packing all her things, she apologized to me if she was so loud and if she woke me up, i told her no, its ok, i was already awake an hour early and just half dozing.

i collected all my things, i took a shower last night so no need to wash again.
il canal grande.
i asked the girl where she was heading next and she told me shes heading to rome and she asked me too and i told her im going home. lol.

at 9:30 i set off and said goodbye to the girl, i was surprised because she woke and packed earlier than me but i was the first one to go, lol.

i was so surprised again as i looked out the window! it was snowing in venice! i got excited of course, i wish my camera wasnt broken. i went to the reception and said to the receptionist to check out, i told him it was snowing in venice, he wouldnt believe me, he looked out the window and he was surprised just like me lol, i shook hands with him and he apologized that he had been washing and his hands were dirty, i didnt cared, i thanked him for his hospitality and friendliness to me, one of the things that i would miss in venice.
i colori di venezia.

with a heavy feet and sad heart, i started walking in the familiar paths back to santa lucia, tiny drops of snow were falling onto my face. felt really really sad as venice sunk into me. i spent most of my days in venice alone.

walking in the narrow streets, i couldnt help but smile, i passed the street where i asked for directions with the italian carpenters  conversing in italian and spanish (laughs), the street where elegant man who called the hostel to help me find the directions, the rio terra where a woman helped me to get to campo san polo.... ah.. so many more memories.. i was like floating in the air while walking, i could not feel the weight of the bag in my shoulders anymore, suprisingly my heavy feet and sad heart became lighter.

as i neared santa lucia train station, i couldnt help but smile of all the wonderful memories and exepriences i had in venice, not many people would agree with me, but i find venice the most beautiful city in the world that i had been to, i never saw such beauty when i was here.
isola di san giorgio maggiore.
the city itself as magnificent as it is, the old structures, the grand architectures, the gondolas, the grand canal and art every centimeter is only the tip of the iceberg. the most memorable part was all the experiences i had here.... the receptionist of locanda poste residenza di venezia, my roomate giovanni, elizabetha, her mother and her friend, the hotdog vendor at the sandwhich shop, the  italian mama hotdog vendor at piazza roma, the man at the counter of santa lucia train who gave me the wrong ticket to ljubljana, the internet cafe, the chinese restaurants we ate, the italian restaurant who were staffed by chinese, the venezians, the souvenir shops were i bought a bracelet and venezian paper handmade diary....... so many more.. and most of all my wonderful companion and friend,
la laguna di venezia e una gondola.

at santa croce district, i already had a big smile on my face as i passed the small canal where i was awed for the first time. instead of going into venice i was going out of venice and it was ironic that i saw that canal again, yes i had tears.

ahhhh... venezia.. venezia... you are truly a work of art made by hands of men and faith in god. with your memories, your beauty, your charm, your passion, your love, your faith, your devotion, your elegance, your sophistication and your undying legacy had stole my heart from the very beginning i stepped out of santa lucia. i already felt that something between you and me will blossom and i was not wrong. you were not only a city made for lovers, but also, for me, who longs for something that only i could understand and that only i could feel, you gave so much, you made sure that you gave your very best to me, you made love to me venezia.. venezia.

as the bus took off from piazza roma back to marco polo international airport and drove along ponte della liberta, i gave one last look. it is impossible not to, for it is after all - venezia.. la citta della serenissima.

aaahhhh venezia.... venezia... i will never forgert you silent whispers to me, like a stranger that sang a theme, from someone else's dream.

you are so beautiful, that it hurts.

woweye says:
struck your star! :) hahaha
Posted on: May 27, 2010
lauro says:
maganda yung signos - kasi na upgrade din ako sa business class sa eroplano hahahaha :D

natawa ako - bukod kang pinagpala! napupuno ka ng grasya hahahahaahahahahaaha

alam mo... just never stop dreaming :D and work your way. ako nga hindi ko inakala na makakapunta rin ako ng europe, youll see :D dream believe survive! hahahahahah hahahaha
Posted on: Feb 07, 2010
rheagirl says:
shhet! nakakamatay naman sa inggit yang kwento mo. saan ba nakakahingi ng swerteng bituin na kagaya nyang sa'yo? bukod kang pinagpala ah!

hay... sana hindi ko lang sa picture makita ang venice..
Posted on: Feb 06, 2010
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la citta della serenissima... ven…
il canal grande.
il canal grande.
i colori di venezia.
i colori di venezia.
isola di san giorgio maggiore.
isola di san giorgio maggiore.
la laguna di venezia e una gondola.
la laguna di venezia e una gondola.
photo by: asturjimmy