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as the vaporetto stopped, i noticed, that me and byiang and a couple of elderly people were only the ones who got out. well, isola di san michele is not one of the most visited place in venice, it is an island of the dead - a cemetery.

the island is different from venice itself, it was so quiet, even with people around, the only sounds we heard was the chirping of birds unlike the center of venice which was always full of activity in the day.

byiang and me quietly moved our way inside the small island. i really thought that isola san michele was an open island but it was not, as the island is covered by a wall fortress.

for the moment, i was dissappointed, because it was such a beautiful weather, clear blue sky and i am sure from afar, the view of venice would be wonderful, i want to go back immediately to the vaporetto station, but really, something inside made me wanted to linger more.

byiang and me made our way to the small island, we passed by different cemeteries, although isola san michele is a whole cemetery itself, but it was divided and sub divided into little quarters. we passed by a small quarter and we were surprised that its the graveyard for children. it made us felt sad, as we looked at some tombs of the children, some of them died young and some died at after birth. it made me realize, how lucky i am, living through almost a quarter of life and still enjoying the beautiful things in the world has to offer.

we walked through more, and i found myself staring at this church at the edge of island, but something caught my eyes, there was a signora, wearing all black and a mantilla praying intently on a tomb with blue sky above her and the sun shining through. it was a moment of solitude for her, but i couldnt stop looking at her, because as old and gnarled as she is, she is beautiful.

after a good half an hour in san michele, byiang and me decided to go back to the vaporetto station and onward to murano. i was feeling a bit dizzy now, because i dont have anything in my stomach and i was really smoking too much.

lauro says:
hay naku byiang wala pa yan! kung matagal tagal tayo sa italy eh baka niyakag kitang pumunta ng sicily at sardinia!
Posted on: Feb 03, 2010
lauro says:
hurry before it sinks hahha
Posted on: Jan 26, 2010
Lilliana77 says:
I want to go to Veneziaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Posted on: Jan 26, 2010
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Isola di San Michele
photo by: lauro