i ♥ sLOVEnia! thank you for everything! hvala!

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i ♥ sLOVEnia!!! roadtrip through the julian alps!
coming from a country which has so many ties with the united states, our knowlede in geography, world politics, geopolitics, music, films, cultures and more, are much tied to the west, we are (or i am) more aware of what's happening in the western world than the east or what was formerly known as the socialist states, i was already in some countries from the socialist times, i find these countries so different from the western european school of thoughts. although it has been decades since the fall of the wall, remnants of almost half a century socialist era still remains and for me it is very intriguing.

like what i said, i had been to some former socialist countries, and you know what?! i've never ever ever ever ever experienced so much warmth and hospitality - this is the fact - that i dont speak the slavic language - to integrate and feel comfortable to the people withouth even trying hard.
slovenia, thank you for everything. this is your best picture!

one of a former socialist country that was vague and obscure to me was ex-yugoslavia. i never even heard whats going on there, doenst know its culture, the people, the traditions and so on until i came to europe and took the perfect opportunity to visit a country that belongs to the former ex-state - slovenia.

as i was invited by a friend in travbuddy, i did not hesitate to come to slovenia, i was curious, very curious - but i do not have any expectations, i want to feel all the experiences as they come - and to be honest - it blew me away - i came back to germany with a smile on  face and wanting to go back - badly.

although slovenia, is basically much more influenced by the germanic heritage, rather than its former socialist republics in ex-yugoslavia, there is a certain charm to it and difference to it.
one of the rarest sight i had ever seen.
the people are very knowledgeable about their country, whether may it be history, politics, culture or traditions. i was also curios about the fact, that once slovenia belonged to the austria-hungary empire, but the language, the common language in that time was slovene and the political language was german.

the beauty of the nature - alone, is just devastating, für such a small country, it is blessed with untouched wonders of nature that i even have to wipe my eyes if i was seeing was true. words, can hardly express how i felt as i was writing this, though tourism and modernisation are creeping in slovenia, because of the popularity of lake bled, around the countryside, it very much retained from what they have in the past.

aside from the nature, a striking factor is that, as ive said before in the former socialist countries, the hospitality of the people is incomparable from the west, its like, they really mean what they do and what they say.
the nature and beauty of slovenia.
i am brave enough to say that slovenia belongs to the countries i had fallen in love with, my friend ben, who was raving about slovenia and literally forced me to visit it, i was not dissappointed.

slovenia, though you are small, you stand out from rest, with your beauty, your graciousness and your hospitality you made my trip memorable even for a couple of days. thank you so much for everything. hvala.

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i ♥ sLOVEnia!!! roadtrip throug…
slovenia, thank you for everything…
slovenia, thank you for everythin…
one of the rarest sight i had ever…
one of the rarest sight i had eve…
the nature and beauty of slovenia.
the nature and beauty of slovenia.