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as the train set-off, byiang already prepared for her power sleep - i couldnt believe how she manages to catch sleep in minutes! well - she's a flight attendant afterall - she must definnately know the tricks! as byiang put on her nightmask, i had a small chat with the guy inside the train, i asked him if he is also going to ljubljana but he said he's going to serbia.

i kept eating the whole time inside the train! lol our departure was 9:20 pm and we arrive in ljubljana at 2:00 am! arrrghhhh doenst make sense to sleep on the train right?! lol

but my body was so tired from walking around venice and lunging my backpack for 3 hours, so i decided to sleep for a while, just as i was about to sleep - the train stopped for such a long time!!! and i heard voices but of course i could not understand them, i kept peering through the window but i couldnt see anything.

but there was a lot of commotion outside and inside the train - i know this! i experienced this in padborg, denmark and marchegg, austria almost 3 years ago! THE DREADED BORDER CONTROL! uughhhh but i was suprised! because this year when i went interrailing from austria, hungary, slovakia and czech republic there arent any border controls anymore! then i heard italian policemen banging every door of the cabins and asking "PASSAPORTE" i nudge byiang and told her that there is an ongoing passport check, so we put out our passports - i do not know if its the cabin next to us or the cabin next to the cabin next to us - that there was really an argument by the police and passengers.

when the police came to our cabin we handed out our passports and i couldnt help but notice a thick collection of passports he confiscated!!!! i got nervous! specially as they argues about "filipinas" (our country name written in the passport) *groaaannnnnnssss* but after they checked our passports - welly byiang was the first one to be off the hook because she applied for an italian visa and the other guy inside the cabin is italian - i was really worried about mine because its in german, maybe they wouldnt understand it! arrrghhhh! but thank god they handed my passport withouth heebeejeebies! lol but i took pity for one guy as he was really escorted by the police to get off the train :(

the guy and me talked about this, because since its the schengen and no border policies anymore, we were suprised that it had this check, well - there are still so many illegal immigrants in europe.... well.. that is a big problem.

then another italian policeman came back to our cabin and wanted to see our passports - AGAIN! lol but byiang snapped at him and said that we were finished but he didnt understood and repeated to have our passports but came the controller who controlled us and said to him that we were checked already - lol hahahah.

as the train moved on - so much for taking a quick nap! but at least i know that in a matter of minutes we will be crossing slovenia and its 12 am! arrrghhhh!!!

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