oh my god! what an idiot!

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after the exhilirating airplane ride across the alps, i settled at my seat, we were flying into the lowlands, it was icy from afar, i could see so much snow from the ground, i wasnt sure if its in germany or in czech republic but the pilot said that its about 30 minutes more before landing.

good thing that the plane was on schedule leaving at venice, because i only have an hour of stopver at prague to catch my connecting flight to düsseldorf, germany. this is again going to be full of suspense, ahhh as always star alliance airlines! arrgghh.

as we landed, i immediately went into the exit so i can ride the bus immediately going to the arrival gates, arrghhh but luck seems not on my way as the bus wasnt still there and we have to wait for 10 minutes in the cold winter!

as the bus came, i hurried inside and it took forever for the bus to move. why ist it always happening to me?! if my stopover is too narrow, everything seems to move in a slow pace. after 1000 years, the bus moved and i kept tapping at my feet impatiently.

at the entrance to the airport, i ran towards my gate coz i only have about 30 minutes left before my boarding time! as soon as i arrived there, my flight is delayed for an hour! i just opened my mouth and i couldnt believe that i sweat for nothing! i needed a cigarette and i found a cafe that allows smokers inside, i ordered tea, since im not yet feeling well. i kept throwing up the food i ate, dont know why, maybe the drastic change of temperature.

the air in my lungs whooshed out as i paid for the tea which costed FOUR FUCKING EUROS. i didnt ordered tea made from gold extracts lol, but i cant be picky. as i waited for my tea, i kept looking at the screen with boarding time and gates. then i saw a flight in about 5 minutes before closing and its detination was: DÜSSELDORF. i picked up my bag withouth waiting for my tea and hurrid into the boarding gate!

i was panting because that stupid boarding gate was at the other end of the cafe, people are already going through, and as i fell in line, i looked at the screen from the boarding gate. i couldnt beleive wide-eyed as i checked again and again and again and flipped through my tickets, IT WAS NOT CZECH AIRLINE BUT A LUFHTANSA FLIGHT. ahahahahahaha. i was such an idiot and i couldnt help but laughed out loud. i walked back slowly to the cafe, and surprise surprise! my tea was still there untouched! lol. i acted as if nothing ha happened and sipped it while i smoked lol. ahahaha.

as my flight neared, i walked blankly towards the boarding gate, there seemed to be a lot of flights going to germanic locations that night. as i was patiently waiting in the boarding gate with lots of passengers speaking in german. then suddenly, two guys came to me and i was startled! one guy was asking me for a cigarette and i told him i dont have any and i send him off! lol tough luck for him ahahahaha. suddenly, the line moved and its time to board. i patiently waited in the last row, then checked again the boarding screen and i still couldnt believe how stupid and idiotic i was because the flight is going to ZÜRICH NOT DÜSSELDORF. ahahahahaha.

aaaarghhhh fucking frustrated and all i wanna do is to go home and lie in my bed!

took me a while to find that fucking boarding gate that goes to düsseldorf, i dont know whats happening to me, im a little at lost with myself. after finding the the gate, and boared. inside the plane, the captain spoke and said our flight would be again an hour delayed because its snowing hard outside. i had never been so bored in my life! i just opened the window and looked outside watching snow falling.

finally we took off and i squirmed as the flight attendants began handing these sandwhiches thats barely edible ugggh.  i flipped through the czehc airways magazine and began contemplating to apply for a flight attendant (NOT - BECAUSE IM TOO SHORT) because they needed people with at least a good command of 2-3 languages :D lol ahahahaha.

after reading articles in the czech airline magaine again and again and almost buying at the duty free onboard flight, we slowly descended and finally - germany was on sight - too many lights from the cities lol. i just cant wait to be home again!

lauro says:
ich habe kein bock mehr leute die nur saufen in einem anderen land wollen! meine güte! die welt ist sehr wunderschön! und in 50 jahren viele landschaften existieren nicht mehr!
Posted on: Feb 24, 2010
stone31 says:
Hahahahhaahhhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Böser Gott!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
lauro says:
wenn ich der gott bin, sammle ich die dumme leute und tu ich die in einer insel rhein und gebe ich keine reispass zum reisen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
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