mistaken for a croatian actor, charmed everyone with my sweetest smile and a guy gave me a ring!

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très bien music at jallah jallah club! drum and bass! ^_^ and yes, sometimes i am gollum-like hahahaha
it was a very cold night - as we set off from kranj back to ljubljana, i was so sad leaving slovenia and my new found friends - barbara and jernej. dragging my feet to the car, i said to byiang that i dont want to go back to venice! lol. slovenia had really sank in me.

on the road, as barbara drove, jernej asked me and byiang if we ever heard about slovenian music, of course we told them that we havent, jernej looked for some stations in the radio if there's a slovenian song playing, there was - but a bit of country music lol. it wasnt before long, that we were in the outskirts of ljubljana but before departing back to venice at 2 am the following day, we decided to taste the nightlife of ljubljana, but not the one we had the other night, but a different one, because as we were chatting in travbuddy, barbara made a review of metelkova, it is a small area in ljubljana with a wild mix of people put in together with different sorts of wild music in the clubs! to be honest the last time i was in a club was in 2006! lol because i have to work in saturdays and im too tired and spent to go to clubs! but metelkova sounds like the club i was frequenting before - I MUST SEE IT!

it was a weird feeling, as we were back in the inner city ljubljana, because history really repeats itself! me and byiang just 2 nights ago we were here! lol barbara parked the car in an empty street, it was really quiet - considering it was a saturday.
me with the steven segal look-alike who gave me the ring! lol
as we got out of the car, my god! it was chilling and freezing! i want to go back inside the car! lol

then we crossed a road - and barbara said that we are now in a former jail in ljubljana which is converted into a hostel! cool! but we didnt stayed there because it is expensive unlike alibi hostel which was only 12 euros per night!

we passed the former prison/hostel and we arrived in metelkova! hmmmm it was basically empty! there were no people - but i can understand - it was too cold to be outside - but there was a club opened! its one of barbara's favorite! jallah jallah! (pronounced yala yala) it plays brum and bass! so we went inside and of course, as we went inside, excruciating stares were thrown at me and byiang lol as we - literally look different! wahahahahahaha. but never in my entire life - seen in such a VERY SMALL SPACE - so many people with dreadlocks! i love it!

we settled near the heater - and i have never been so grateful in my entire life as it is allowed to smoke inside the club! lol - the music was très bien!!!! since i like drum and bass sounds, chillout and vocal trance.
barbara and jernej!
after a couple of minutes, one guy sat beside me, he was drunk, and he whispered something to me lol wahahahaha i told him i am sorry because i could not understand him as he spoke slovenian
lol, then one word came from his mouth - thailand! lol ahhh, i answered him back, that no, i do not come from thailand but both me and byiang come  from the philippines, i continued chilling and dancing a bit and smoking while i turned my back away from him lol, but he was persistent, with his eyes closed he kelpt talking to me. arrrghhhhhhhh i dont want to change places as i was near the heater lol.

oh great, i know these type of guys, i am SURE he was going to "sell" me something - ive been there and done that, foreigners are often the preys of these people lol, but as i watched the movie "hostel" i know how to keep my guard lol hahahahaha.
me and byiang!!! ^_^

i moved away from him a bit, then after a couple of minutes, he was just sitting but sleeping his way through the loud club! lol hahahahaha then the guy beside jernej talked to me - arrrrggghhhhhhhhh i dont speak slovenian i told jernej to tell him as jernej became our translator lol, i just ignored that dude! lol. hahahaha

me and byiang were moving in our seats at the beat of the music while barbara and jernej were enjoying the good music at jallah jallah, there was this guy who was jumping around the club, he was sooo tall and lanky! lol then he came to me....... arrghhhh oh nooooooooo  I WAS A GUY MAGNET lol hahahahaha then he motioned for me to come closer to him, i was fucking reluctant of course! hahahaha but well, i need to be nice, or else maybe they wuld gang up and punch me if i didnt lol - then the guy said something to me, i told him i am sorry, but i dont speak slovenian - no slovenian i told him lol, then he came to barbara and told barbara something, then barbara laughed lol hahaha shit i was curious about that - maybe that guy was making fun of me lol.
the interior of jallah jallah!
then barbara came ro me and said that the guy said that he mistook me for a croatian actor lol wahahahahahahaha tough luck because i am not! lol

as we were having fun and laughing, the guy beside jernej wouldnt stop talking to me lol, he really tried! lol byiang said that the guy looked like steven segal - i laughed so hard, so hard that i almost choked lol. but the guy was über friendly, kinda scary but he was nice. then, he motioned me to come to him, oh lord. amazingly, he took out a ring from one of his fingers, and he gave me a ring! lol i was stunned lol he was talking but i couldnt understand it, so jernej translated - that he is into the ring business and the ring he gave to me was an emerald ring! lol hahahahaha i tried hard really really really hard not to laugh - but i did! lol hahahaha i realyl dont know if he's lying all along, but it was a nice gesture really! i was touched, because - its, its just amazing how friendly and hospitable the people of slovenia really are! and probably if i dont accept it, i would be dead meat because i offended him! lol - he gave byiang too a ring! hahaha then me and byiang were laughing that probably someone's loose on the street looking for some stolen rings! wahahahaha

at about 12 minidnight, we called it a night as it was time to go, i thanked the guy for his nice gesture to us and told him the only slovenian word i knew - hvala - which is thank you and he was so happy! lol i'm glad i made someone happy that night lol and i was looking at the streets if someone was really looking for lost rings! lol.
people inside jallah jallah!

barbara drove us to the central station, it was a very reluctant parting, as i dont really want to go back to venice - yet, i felt that, 2 days in slovenia was not enough for me, as we parted, we hugged and said goodbye to each other!!!! i am going to miss barbara and jernej, janja, barbara's family and all the wonderful and amazin people in slovenia!!! i told them that i would be really back in slovenia in the near future, i promised them!

lauro says:
hahahahaha!!! i havent took a picture of it - in fact i dont even know where i put it! lol but i know ts somewhere here in the room, of course i didnt believe when he said its "an emerald ring" lol
Posted on: Feb 01, 2010
sylviandavid says:
Lauro.... so did the ring look real or was it out of a Cracker Jacks box?.... what do you think... I can't believe you didn't post a picture. Sylvia
Posted on: Jan 31, 2010
lauro says:
hahahahaha hindi ko na alam kung saan ko nalagay yung singsing! pag uwi ni byiang itanong mo sa kanya kasi binigyan din siya ng singsing hahaha
Posted on: Jan 20, 2010
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très bien music at jallah jallah…
me with the steven segal look-alik…
me with the steven segal look-ali…
barbara and jernej!
barbara and jernej!
me and byiang!!! ^_^
me and byiang!!! ^_^
the interior of jallah jallah!
the interior of jallah jallah!
people inside jallah jallah!
people inside jallah jallah!
photo by: Chokk