an island of fire and glass: a mission accomplished.

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murano glass made right before your eyes! sorry we were talking in tagalog lol
the vaporetto was so full as we embarked from isola san michele to murano but at least it is the last stop. as we got to murano island, its breath of fresh perspective from venice itself. for sure, venice island has the grandest of architectures, but murano offers a space to breath, there arent much high and compact structures here and the streets are wider than venice.

at the vaporetto station that we get off, there was already a monument pertaining to why murano is an island of fire and glass. there, standing was a glass sculpture labored from glasses and fires of the island.

me and byiang had a mission here in murano, to find a furnace where the real and famour murano glasses are made. we walked through a small canal and followed the small promenade - fondamenta drei vetrai, wehere - my goodness! lots of shops selling murano glasses are located! we looked through some displays - a small glass costed from 10 euros up while some outrageous designs like lams, tables, vases, figurines can cost to a thousand euros and more! we kept looking at the displays because some look very interesting and intricately made.
an authentic murano glass horse made from the furnace.
i love walking here in murano! and with the sun shining brightly and the sky so clear, it made the experience more fun!
and the funniest part was that in every shop a sign said:  100% made in murano not in china! hahahaha - well there are many fake imitations of murano glasses now, so you better know the real deal! lol

after walking until the end of the fondamenta, there still arent any furnaces to see, but we came acroos a huge canal much like the grand canal and also a rialto-like bridge in the middle. murano island also has a huge canal in the middle like venice, it is called canal grande di murano.

we went down the bridge and saw a shop, it was a classy shop! it was freightening because if i broke something inside there i couldnt afford to pay it! hahahahahah.
a murano glass sculpture at the vaporetto station.

as were looking around, as byiang wanted to buy a murano glass product, a man in a suit looking very regal and asked and peered at us "signor e signora" what can i do for you? lol! holy, i need to be my sophisticated and air head side for this moment lol, i looked at him through my glasses and said, we wanted to buy a murano piece but first we want to see how murano glass is made. lol hahaha i was laughing inside. he was so nice and said to us that murano glass making can only be done by guided tours, that we cannot simply walk in. oh, i said, so i thanked him for the informations he gave us. outside i was laughing to byiang and said to her that i we look poor, he might have shooed us out of the shop immediately! hahahahaha.

we were a bit dejected after that, it seems that we would not see how murano glasses are made, oh well, i told byiang that its ok, at least we were in murano and its 100% sure that the glasses in the shop are made here.
the canal in fondamenta drei vetrai.
so we went back to the small promenade again, but something caught our eyes, we went inside a shop called vetreria artistica collezione, there were a lot of commotions in that shop!

as we went inside and examined the displays, we couldnt believe it!!! they have a furnace in the shop that is offered by tour guiding! excitedly byiang and me went inside and amazingly there were only like 2-3 people watching and us!

so we positioned ourselves because the glass master is preparing a show for the audiences! i saw that they have a donation box and i pull most of my coins there! the other glass master saw what i did and he gave me a thumbs up sign! lol hahahahaa.

there were no words how i would describe watching how murano glass is made! i made a video out of it for you to see! and you can see it on the top of this entry!

byiang lingered more in the showcase as she wanted to buy, so i went out and smoked, im felt dizzy because i havent got anything on my stomach but i didnt told byiang that i want to hurry back to venice, because i am craving for chinese food.
vetreria artistica collezione is on the other side.

i kept nibbling at the left over cheese from slovenia in my bag! lol after an hour byiang came out and she bought a vase that costed till the sky! lol hahha but i dragged her back to the vaporetto station because i am really really hungry!

back in venice we went to the chinese resto and ordered as much food as we can! lol i had a bit problems with eating since i ate as fast as i can that i almost threw the food up! i hurried byiang because it was already 2pm and thats our check in time at locanda poste vecie!

we got our things from the bag deposit at santa lucia station, then hurried to the pescaria to our hotel! there - it was one of the most frustrating part of the trip - since the hostel was closed for the day and we had to change! luckily they reserved a place for us at b&b rota hostel! and luckily again, it was not far from locanda poste venice - thank god!

there, we waited for an hour (the sun was sinking) for the receptionist! byiang had to call him in his mobile - i couldnt do that since it will be too expensive for me! hahhaa the hostel was scary!!!! its a run down building with a creeky door! but what made up is the receptionist of the hostel! ahhhh.
the tower at campo santo stefano
.. italians have really really really amazing character! he was so nice and friendly! and when he showed us our room - it was perfect!!!!! i couldnt complain!

as we settled our things, we got down fast to catch the last rays of the sun - but dissapointingly we didnt had the chance to go to santa maria della salute district of venice, oh well, it means i have to be back in venice one day.

me and byiang went to another chinese restaurant well, it wasnt good as the first one, and it was amazing - because a child was serving us! hahahaha she was like 11 or 12 years old!

we went back to the hostel, since it was too chilly to explore venice in the dark, plus byiang had to leave at 12:00 midnight to catch her flight back to abu dhabi.

as i said goodnight to her, it was a nice experience we had at murano island, we saw what we wanted to see - it was mission accomplished.
in black and white.

still i couldnt sleep, so i went down again, to smoke, going down, the lights on the ground floor doenst work, lol but i used the light of my mobile to see my way through. as i got back, i wanted to sleep, but i cant, i went to the common room, but the people looked uninteresting, so i went back to the room lol.

after two hours of going down and up again, it was time for byiang to leave. as she arranged her things, i checked if i still have thigns from her, and i accompanied her downstairs, it was not a far walk until santa lucia train station and venice is safe, i i didnt accompanied her. we hugged downstairs and i wished her well on her flight back to abu dhabi, i told her that her company was one of the best i ever had and i apologized for sharing my misadventures with her! lol.
ponte san pietro martire.

i went back up and readied myself, brushed my teeth and all and arranged my bed and set my alarm at 9:00 am, since check out time is at 10 am.

lauro says:
casi?? CASILLAS?! hahahahah hahha

if i am going to italy, i am going to sicily and sardinia! :D camping :P
Posted on: Feb 04, 2010
Lilliana77 says:
Btw, I sang "Casi" last Saturday for ya! :)
See, how good friend I am ^_^
Posted on: Feb 04, 2010
Lilliana77 says:
Let's go to Italy!!! :D
Cunejo... mmmmm the forces or the universe don't want us to meet, I guess! hahaa
Posted on: Feb 04, 2010
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the tower at campo santo stefano
the tower at campo santo stefano
in black and white.
in black and white.
ponte san pietro martire.
ponte san pietro martire.
photo by: spocklogic