how i ended the best year of my life.

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thank you 2009. you made me smoke more than ever! :D lol
after two hours being delayed in prague international airport, flipping through thr airlines blah blah magazine which i contemplated applying for a flight attendant (not), having to forcefully swallow the unedible sandwhich of the airline and endured blizzards in the air, it never felt good seeing the bright lights of germany again.

it seems really funny when i said that being/and or living in germany is boring but whenever i am bound to depart a country to go back to germany, i cant wait to see my home and lie on my bed. i guess, germany IS my home now.

the bright lights of the cities of germany slowly became brighter than ever, and at last the captain said that we're landing in düsseldorf. i got out of the plane as fast as i can, because i want to go home. it was a bit confusing for me, as i went to the wrong direction to where the trains are, instead on the otherside, well i got out and walked back again to the other other direction, it gave me an excuse to smoke. it was so cold, i only had thin layers of winter clothes on me, i walked as fast as i can to catch the train that goes into the city.

i settled myself while waiting for the train to move, the intervals are 20 minutes in between and in those 20 minutes of being alone in the cabin made me ponder of how everything went unbelievable in my life.

a year ago, i was at the same situation, from the airport going back home, i had this dreadful feeling. it was not happy to go back home having to endure and witness my mom's funeral and the thought that it was all over for me and to stop seeing the world. but then, my mom would  not want to see me sad and in grief all the time. if i reached my greatest dream in 2008 but having the expense of someone i hold dear, i took 2009 in a different light. it was a year of unbelievable adventures and misadventures.

ending my 2009 with a perfect travbuddy byiang - travelled venice and slovenia together with the amazing hosts of barbara with her family and jernej who offered us to stay in their home and roadtripped and showed us their beautiful country of slovenia. met so many colorful characters along the way. i would never ever forget the experiences i had in venice, ljubjlana, slovenia, metelkova and so many more! made me teary eyed and i actually laughed inside the train, i was free again.

as the train driver signaled and the doors shut down, the train finally rolled and i could'nt be happier than ever. i am home.

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thank you 2009. you made me smoke…
photo by: Chokk