heebeejeebies, the art of packing, preparing for the dreaded acqua alta and my lucky rubber duckie!

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together on the road again?!
it is just unbelievable, i thought i had left my misadventures behind me in the philippines months ago, and yet - at my last trip of the year - it came before i even set-off! ha!

would you believe that my flight to venice was fecking cancelled?! and i do not have a chance but to book either the day before or the day after! its really impossible to change schedules as ive only received the airline's email a week ago - after the supposed to be flight date - i could not go to slovenia anymore, as the train only leaves once a day - or once a night?! at 21:00 hour and thats it and going back is only at 2:00 hour hahahaha - next time, i will fly from graz, austria to go to slovenia.

i was really angry talking to the airline, but i cant do anythign about it - so i said they have to book me before - so instead of saving money, for not sleeping and staying in a hostel for a day - i wouldnt.
the duck is excited! lol its yellow dingy latex skin will be on the road again! wahahaha and some of my clothes for winter!
  since i dont have a credit card, i asked my friend rubs if she can book me a night in a hostel, and she willingly did - i need to make up for that.

when everything was all set, here comes the dreading news, from november on to early spring - venice experiences the "acqua alta" of the venice flood! arrrghhh - so i am hoping i wouldnt cross any of that! lol hahahaha.

i still couldnt believe that heebeejeebies are still there whenever i go! lol im sick and tired actually but it all adds to the fun and experiences - so bring them on!

luckily as always, i bring my lucky rubber duckie with me! (long story) saved my from so many mishaps i came across with! i dont have any name for it - i just called it duck lol hahaha.
duck is addicted like me lol.
so in cases like these, the duck has to come! lol

but the one thing i hate about traveling in winter, is that packing would be never be so light, as winter clothes takes too much space - so i would not bring that much because i am not going to check in my bag - coz i only have more or less an hour in stopover - the last time i had that was an airline lost my bag - and i dont want that to happen again - lesson learned lol! hahahahahaha

and as for that dreaded acqua alta - im sure the venezians would sell rubber boots at sky high prices if the floos came - so - i would be bringing trash bags with me to cover my legs hahahahahaha.

3 more days to go - then im off to my winter trip - visit the queen of the adriatic "la serenissima venezia" and the julian alps in slowenia - the last road trip of the year! bring it on!!!

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together on the road again?!
together on the road again?!
the duck is excited! lol its yello…
the duck is excited! lol its yell…
duck is addicted like me lol.
duck is addicted like me lol.
winter things ready and look at th…
winter things ready and look at t…
garbage bags and adhesive! lol
garbage bags and adhesive! lol