heebeejeebies again! almost missed my flight - but i got business class for the 2nd time! lol

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landing in prague - so grey and dull! lol
the boarding time from düsseldorf to prague was 30 minutes late! i was a bit giddy since i only have an hour and 45 minutes layover in prague to venice. i thought i dont have seatmates because the pilot and the flight attendants were already there, but then 10 minutes before the take off 2 HUGE men sat beside me! lol

the food wasnt that great either - some sandwhich and thats it! so different when i used austrian airlines last winter to vienna - apart from a delicious sandwhich, there was also a dessert! hmmmmmmm anyway - i cant complain because were already super lagged behind schedule.

as we landed in prague, i am prepared to run to the boarding gate since i am already check-in to venice as i was in düsseldorf but luck wasnt on my side because we have to take a bus going to the terminal.
worried italians in the overbook flight! lol
i was so frustrated since the passengers where moving like turtles!

when i got out from the plane, the first bus was already full! groooaaaannnssss i have to wait for another bus - but after like 2 minutes the second bus came and i hurried inside!

i looked at my clock and i have bout 40 minutes to spare! i kept dragging the situation to be faster but not really lol.

as the bus stopped i hurried to the transit area - found my boarding gate - thank god - it wasnt still open, i do have a lot of luck that time! the first thing i did was to look for a coffee shop and ordered tea waahahahahaha well its mandatory for me to drink tea in the morning - plus thank god that in segafredo i can smoke!

after i finished smoking, i still have time so i went to the duty free and bought toothpaste wahahahaha because i dont have toothpaste with me - then went straight to the boarding gate!

at the boarding gate there was a bit of commotion - apparently the flight was overbooked! groaaannnsssssss then czech air offered a compensation of 250 euros! whooaa! much more than the flight itself! lol i was really tempted to get it :P even if i booked a flight the next day and a night at a hotel i would still have enough wahahahaha but something told me that no matter what happens, i will not give way for my seat.
italians! wahahaha

at the boarding, the italians on the flight were in panic that probably they wont get seats lol, so instead of lining like ants they swarmed like bees! lol hahahaha when it was my turn, the ground attendant asked for my passport and boarding pass and she said sorry to me, BECAUSE I WAS UPGRADED ON BUSINESS CLASS! wohoooo for the second time this year! i just got lucky!

again, we have to take a bus ride to the plane, it was really so small! lol and i took a seat at the business class - it didnt made any difference to the normal seats lol - but the flight is only 1.30 minutes. then i really thought that i was the only person again on the aisle then came a bulky man with a scoffing face lol, hes at the window seat. and as the plane took off, food was served and hellooowwww i didnt got those measly sandwhich!!! but a lunch of tuna salad, DESSERT lol, bread and spreads! nice to fill a really hungry stomach!

after lunch, the pilot said we will fly over the alps!!! i was so excited! but the grumpy scoffing man sat beside me, i really dont know what he is into lol because he was opening some documents and it was in greek and in his laptop was cyrillic characters! lol some mafia or something wahahaha but it doenst matter - so i craned my neck to get a glimpse of the alps in winter! oh my god! so beautiful! covered with snow - its been 3 year since i saw the alps and its a perfect opportunity to see them from above while in the next few days i would be roadtripping the julian alps in slovenia!

after some 15 minutes of flying into the alps, the flat terrain came into view and in no time - venice was in sight! i was so excited!!!! ITS AN ISLAND! lol kidding aside - i do not know what to expect from venice.
the man who sat beside me and the beautiful alps!
but that time, all i can think of was how to put everything together in a few days!

off went my heebeejeebies !

lauro says:
lol i love taking views form the plane, specially if its not that flying high!
Posted on: Jan 25, 2010
justdenise says:
I never thought to take a photo from the plane! I saw the Sahara dessert from the plane! God wat a bummer I really would have liked that photo! Next time:)
Posted on: Jan 24, 2010
lauro says:
thank you jeremy!!!! ^_^
Posted on: Dec 19, 2009
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landing in prague  - so grey and d…
landing in prague - so grey and …
worried italians in the overbook f…
worried italians in the overbook …
italians! wahahaha
italians! wahahaha
the man who sat beside me and the …
the man who sat beside me and the…
the european alps! i just love it!
the european alps! i just love it!
alps alps!
alps alps!
and more alps!!!!
and more alps!!!!
german, austrian, italian and slov…
german, austrian, italian and slo…
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