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bus ride from marco polo airport to venezia crossing ponte della liberta
landing in what for me is the most beautiful name for an airport - marco polo international airport is just bliss, with the blue and clear sky, the beautiful snow covered alps can be seen from the distance - i was delirious.

as we disembarked the small aircraft and went into the airport itself, it wasnt as big as i pictured it, but nice and cozy. to be honest i really had no idea where to go lol hahaha as i am alone this day and byiang - my friend will meet me tomorrow. luckily, outside the arrival gate, the tourist information is located, i swear - i am a bit embrassed to go there - as its not my thing to go to tourist informations lol, but in this situation, it is an exception! lol

at the tourist info, i asked how to go to sta.
luzia station in venice island, the woman was very friendly and she said she can arrange the ticket for me for 2.50 euros one way - thats great! all i have to do she said, was to go outside then turn left for the bus stations and i have to take bus no. 5 - piece of cake!!!! or should i say - tiramisu?! wahahahaha

i went outside to smoke, curiously, there arent many people and there are no buses outside, so i went further and further to the left side just as the woman from the tourist information directed me, then i came across parking lots already but there were no buses to be found! arrrghhhh

then i saw a man coming towards me, normally i hate asking for directions lol, but i looked at my clock its already 3pm! weird! because my flight details said that i wil arrive in venice at 2 pm! lol

so i asked the man, first in italian - because i can speak a bit of spanish and then asked him if he can speak in english LOL hahahahaha he said he can speak a bit of english - so i mixed up italian, spanish and english with him :P so he directed me to the bus sutaion, wchich was really at the front of the arrival gate, how could i miss that?!!! well - there arent any buses around how am i supposed to know that?! wahahaha, i thank him but he really made his way and checked if i am at bus no.
5 platform! never in my life i used the word "grazie" which i learned from my italian friend - sandro - in düsseldorf - so many times in under 10 minutes! wahahahahaha.

i waited for the bus like 10 minutes and i smoked but the time is really is odd its one hour advance than the time in germany, hmmmm i thought that maybe italy doesnt used the dst time saving, but i know that most of europe do that - even in spain which is in the mediterenean.

as the bus came, i showed my ticket to the bus driver (and i didnt knew that i have to verfiy it at the electronic machine scanner wahahaha) but it doesnt matter- im a tourist remember?! wahahaha.

as the bus rolled away from the airport - i was amazed at the name of the street leading in/out from the airport - galileo galelei! i was delerious - because well, i was a geek at school - learning about famous mathematicians, astronomers, physicist etc wahaha - i was just so happy that time! i mean passing through a street which is named after the father of science!

passing through the farms and fields between the airport and venezia, i felt that i wasnt in a different coutry, because i culd understand the people - well not everything, but i can catch what theyre saying as italian is similar to spanish and the landscape is almost the same in spain!

in no time, the bus passed through ponte della liberta - the bridge connecting mainland italy and venezia!

boriana84 says:
there you go! kick ass!
Posted on: Jan 15, 2010
lauro says:
ok ok ok i will be strict from now on! lol
Posted on: Jan 14, 2010
boriana84 says:
what!!! If you havent talked to me on facebook or posted something at least saying hi every once in a while...or respons to a post I sent you...when its time to clean..and I dont remember the last time we talked...delet hehehehe
Posted on: Jan 14, 2010
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bus ride from marco polo airport …
photo by: lauro