goodbye ljubljana and slovenia!

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in the central station, at about 12:30 am, we still have about 1 hour and a half to wait before the train will come, and it was soooo cold! we tried to find toilets, i remembered that there is a toilet at the end of main station building, as we went there, i couldnt believe my eyes! homeless people with little clothes were sleeping on the floor, it was soo cold, and i felt pity on them, because they were shivering, then we found out that the toilet is locked and closed at this hour, ok, tough chance lol then we went down were we had been before in the central station, and amazingly - there were still some shops opened! a pizza place and a cafe, then amazingly at the front of the pizza place a toilet was opened! lol and after that we went inside in an open pizza stand and byiang was so hungry she ordered a pizza. it felt so nice being in a warm place! since we still have to wait for our train to arrive. i was tired for the day and so was byiang and i really hope i can sleep in the train going back to venice.

we left the pizza place ans waited for the train, and in 15 minutes, the train to venice arrived!!!! we searched our cabin and there was a man inside but he was sleeping horizontaly in the cabin, he was startled as we opened the door, but we ignored him as we really need sleep! lol as we settled our things and prepared to have a comfortable position, the man across the cabin just went back to his position horizontally, hmmmmmm so byiang put her luggage in front of her and slept like that, then i curled myself in a small space and put my foot diretly to the man's face lol hahahaha.

as we settled inside our cabin, i couldnt help but smile and laugh at the day's events! in almost 24 hours, it was such a memorable experience! lol - oh, i hope that no one was looking for the rings! wahahahaha - good bye ljubljana and goodbye slovenia!

aaarghhh i really hope that i can get a good sleep, as there would be ticket controllers and border checks!

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photo by: Chokk