i can't believe i'm in slovenia!!! and its dark! lol

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as my eyes started to get heavy - arrghh i received an sms from my phone - i knew it! we just entered slovenia! which means i am again excited and i cannot sleep lol!

this is really crazy, because the only train connection from venice, italy to ljubljana, slovenia is at 9:20 pm and arriving at 2 am, before venice and ljubljana had regular train connections, but now they cutted it :( and this is the only schedule - well, if we wanna go to slovenia - we can't be picky! lol.

i looked like a giraffe peering through the window - but it was no use as its dark i cant see a damn thing outside! i am very excited to see the landscape of slovenia, but it was no use. oh well - i looked at byiang - she was so comfortable sleeping i hate her for doing that lol!

then the train stopped! i peered at the window and saw the sign - well - station - sezana. then the cabin lights one by one was turned on! arrrghhhhh it was the slovenian ticket controller - i thought it was already finished because our tickets was already checked in venice. as the conductor came, he just turned on the lights - it was so bright and blinding and asked for our tickets - to be honest i didnt know where i put our tickets! lol i have to take everyting out from my bag and it was so embarassing - because i couldnt find it! finally after 10 minutes of frantic searching - i found the ticket which was stupidly hidden in the pages of a book lol! hahahahaha then after the conductor checked it - he turned off the lights!

arrrrghhhhhhh ok -  it doenst matter we are in slovenia and as i looked at the window again - its dark! lol

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