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I’m so glad that’s over.  I’m officially leaving Springfield today.  I couldn’t be happier!

To say thank you to my friends and family for helping me move, I went and got the Springfield original, Mel-O-Cream donuts, which I had managed to avoid.  But, I thought moving day called for a celebration, so I got the donuts, and even got a special one, a honeymooner, for myself.  The honeymooner is a cream-filled donut with chocolate glaze and more whipped icing.  But, the better donut turned out to be the chocolate old-fashioned (don’t ask me how I know that). 

The moving out process went fairly easily, despite the rain.  Luckily, there were no downpours, but we did have to dry off a few items.  We were packed up within a couple hours.

my empty apartment!
  My dad told me I could shed a tear – nope, didn’t have it in me (unless it was a tear of joy!)  I was so past ready to leave Springfield behind. 

On our way out, we stopped at the Hen House to eat lunch.  This restaurant was right next to my apartment complex, but had never eaten at.  As a kid, we used to eat breakfast every Sunday morning at the hen House, but ours closed years ago.  This was a flashback to my childhood, and the food was oh, so good.  I got a western omelet with hashbrowns and biscuits and it was incredibly good.  And, hearty.  I was miserable on my way back home.  And the highlight was getting a Hen House t-shirt; my sister and I both got one.

Coming home, I passed the Vernon tank farm for the last time for a long time, I hope.  In fact, if I never see it again, it’ll be too soon.  Will I miss Springfield?  Absolutely not.  I’ll miss some of the friends I’ve made, but in this age of technology, I can keep in touch. 

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my empty apartment!
my empty apartment!
The honeymooner donut
The honeymooner donut
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photo by: DrewSFO