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I have booked my trip to South Africa.  It is a dream that started as a tiny idea and now I’m in the final stages of planning.  My dreams last night were filled with Africa.  It evokes wonder and amazement in those I tell.  “You’re going to AFRICA?!?”  It is richly exotic and a deep unknown.  Through all my research Africa still feels out of focus to me.  She is still filled with mystery and remains opaque despite my best efforts.  It seems as if all I read is somehow hidden behind a veil.  There are no thorough descriptions and not nearly enough pictures.  Something in Africa calls to me.  She is the mother land, the Cradle of Life as some call it.  There is a spiritual song echoing from her ancient lands.  Our culture is still young in the world while Africa is the most ancient.  Perhaps that is her intrigue and allure.  Africa, much of it, is still wild and feudal, with brutal infighting.  There is great beauty and chaos in this land, a dichotomy I find fascinating. I hope to bring back from my trip lasting memories of tangible and emotional kinds.  A new land to explore with all my senses and a wonderful journey I can hand down to my children and their children after them.

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