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Once again the rain has gone and let me tell you the sun is shinning BRIGHT!! It is the hottest it has been in quite a while even the locals are a bit suprised!! But i do guess it is preparing me for the after life if this entire jesus thing turns out to be true :)
  Anyways i did get a new placement I am at a private school and it is AMAZING!!! I actaully feel needed there I start teaching on monday to about 2nd graders and they are sooo smart! I need to catch up on my fractions and grammer! THey learn engligh, math, enviornmental studies, religion, and ewe! It is quite a load for 2nd graders! THere is another volunteer at my school whom i get along with great so it is nice to have her there if i have any questions or anything!
  We are going to a villiage this afternon and get to meet the cheif of it so that is exciting! I went to the market on wednesday it is crazy there! I was pretty over whelmed but got a necklace and some fabric im going to have made into a dress! I still cant believe that price of everythign but i guess it is that way in all 3rd world countries!
   The town is great! We went to the orphange again yesterday the kids are so much fun! and it is like getting a five hour work out in 5 min because of how much you sweat! the food is good and im starting to try more local things such as fufu which i am not a fan of!  this weekend there is a trip planned for us but im not quite sure what it consists of! guess i will find out tomorrow! all i know is at one point it involves a cannoe!!
   AC would be amzing right now and i am actaully really enjoying the cold showers since it is so hott! we have been lucky with that we have been having power at night which is nice cause that way we can keep the fan on!  I cant belive i have already been here a week but i am glad it is going by somewhat fast!
  I would recommed this to someone as long as they can stand heat so hott you want to die, limited food choices, and living to what we would call homeless standards! but really thus far it has been a great experience though i am missing my bed and clothes a LOT right now.. and all the cute new shoes i bought! well at leaste i know my roommates are not wearing those since they dont fit them! Well two weeks to go wish me luck and i will keep you updated on my travels!
  Hope all is well at home with all of you either finishing school work or still working just remember your life could be worse and how fortunte we all really are!!
  and patrice and mom... you guys might like south africa better! but you should still adopt babies im sure you could afford one if you just both stopped shopping at nordies for about a year!!

okay really that is all now!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! <3 xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxox -jamie

lisa says:
hey! i was volunteering in Ho last summer! did you go with cross cultural solutions? your experience sounds very similar to mine :] i hope you're having a great time! how long are you there?
Posted on: Jun 11, 2007
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hello everyone once again from ho, ghana. Today was my first day of work and i will just say the caning was harsh in my school so i am looking for a new placement. I was unable to deal with it, it was really sad! THey just passed a domestic volience law but it doesn't apply to children at all! So that was a little discouraging but i did go and visit an orphange yesterday and it was amazing so i might go work there! It is raining today but it feels great! I haven't actaully bought anything yet I guess im still trying to get settled in! I just signed up for a trip next thrusady that goes to the second larest waterfall in africa and we get to go to a villiage where the monkeys and people live together! it sounds super neat ( i can't believe i just said that) and it only costs 52 dollars!
    Everyone is really great there are a few that are a bit odd but i guess that is what you get on trips like these! I tried some local food today ... i forgot what it was called but i wasn't a  fan! I am also learing Ewe the language here, and am actaully cathing on pretty quick! I have some amazing stories but they are all written in my journal, and i dont feel like re-writing them so you will just have to read that when i get back! nights are good and cool, you alawys meet lots of locals! and the power is usually out at the homebase so it is nicer to be outside as long as you dont get malieria as one girl has!!
   well keep in touch miss you all... take a warm shower for me (yeah we dont have hott water either)  talk to you sooN! -jamie

Hey Everyone!
 I arrived safely last night in Ghana no complications expect my flight was a little late! It was 11 hours to Germany then 8 hours to accra with a 1 hour layover in nigeria, then a 3 hour car ride to the home base! But I finally made it... Im keeping a good journal that you all can read upon my return if interested! We walked around the town, with is not much, today but most places were closed seeing as it is sunday! I start work tomorrow which will be good. THey say the program is laid back but i had no idea it would be this laid back.. it is pretty much just a lot of waiting around! So ive already had some good political talks with my group! The food is good thus far i threw up this morning but im felling much better now! Everythign is really really cheap which is amazing. I exchanged 200 dollars and it looks likea  robbed a bank! Well i gotta run but i miss you all see you soon and i will call you when i get a chance!! -love -jamie
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