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I remember the day I met you. It was in January 2008. It was cold in Munich and I was standing there at the corner of two streets, not knowing my way around. The weather must've been stable. No rain. Maybe cloudy. But as far as I can remember it was sunny.
Everytime I remember it it was sunny. I wonder if it is the same for you.

You were walking down the road, towards me and I couldn't help but smiling at you. You were standing across the road grinning back at me.
I didn't feel any butterflies. I wasn't really nervous at least I told myself I wasn't. I was past that. Hardly any person could've disconcerted me.
I reached a part of my life I was confident enough to face whatever was awaiting me. I thought.
You started talking and as I started responding I felt very comfortable. Like I have known you forever.
As people say.
But doesn't everyone feel that every now and then when they meet a person they get along with really well?  No that is not what I am talking about. I felt like... I tried to explain this to you a lot. I felt like I was talking to myself. As we grew and talked and spent time together in the last 2 years it became stronger, more natural, a beautiful thing that keeps amazing me. How the moment I talk to you my mind just overflows and everything I think, every little piece just spills out of me. It is the absolute freedom. The kind that I was constantly reaching out for before I met you. The kind I thought I would find in being alone. In keeping my mind, my soul for myself.
But back then in Munich I didn't realise it yet. It was there but I couldn't grasp it. I couldn't name it. But I saw the bigger picture.
I felt the difference in you, in me, in us.

And so did you. Because you stayed although you were planning to leave. You were already on the way back home to Australia from your ski trip in Europe.
Munich was your last destination. Today when I think about how close we were to missing each other I feel my heart shrinking up.
You stayed for me. It was just another 2 days but those 2 days changed my life. Those 2 days divided myself into my life before and my life after Munich. I am forever grateful.

I love that city. We never got back there, but that place is the beginning of us. It is of emotional value. And one day we will go back. To that place you first kissed me. When you were on the edge of leaving to the other side of the world and promised that it was no farewell.
"It is a new beginning.", you said, "I will see you again.". And I believed you. I never doubted a word you said.
Today when I think about Munich I can't help but smile.
We had a great time. I remember that time we sat in HofbrÀuhaus at the same table with several older german guys. You know the bubbly ones who can drink 20 litres of beer in 2 hours or something like that.

I was next to that drunk guy who kept talking to me and giving me his business card 3 times that night. And you were up close with your new found german beer buddys. Hilarious. That night we talked forever as the morning drew closer and you had to leave.
I think that night you found your master. :P

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